Toasty Death in Three Barrel Cove

A little while since I posted. My guild and I are still playing DDO keenly. Tonight we ventured into Three Barrel Cove for the first time, and chaos ensued! The fire caves are toasty death for anyone who has difficulty not falling into things, and that sadly meant me. Usually, my tumbling protects me from taking serious falling damage, but unfortunately does not make me lava-proof. Nevertheless, we emerged victorious. As if there was ever any doubt!

Lots of interesting things coming our way in DDO. While Drow are rather low down my list of races I want to see, it’ll still be a welcome option. And the promised increase in inventory space has me drooling. No word on whether that will be more bank storage space, or more personal inventory, but either will at least give me somewhere to put my vast stocks of collectables.

Don’t pay any attention to the doomsayers of the DDO forums. DDO is certainly not dying.

And Oblivion? Well it didn’t take me long to get rather bored with it. Oops. Maybe single-player RPGs can’t keep my interest any more. That one didn’t anyway.

Anyway, I’ll try to write a little more regularly. I tend to go through phases of activity.

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