In honour of May Day: A Maypole Safety Dance!

This is what we should have all been doing today instead of being cooped up inside. Dancing around the Maypole and making merry is not something we seem to do much, any more. I didn’t see a Maypole anywhere in Norwich. Perhaps they’ll come out on Monday. If I see any celebrations, I’ll try to take some pics.

A blessed Beltane to you all.


A Bonus Track. One of my favourite Madrigals, “Now is the Month of Maying.” by Thomas Morley. I was lucky enough to get to perform this many years ago. It’s splendid fun to sing! As so often with a lot of the folk music of the middle-ages, most of the recordings I can find are a bit too choral for my tastes, which sucks some of the sheer joy out of it, but this recording is fairly merry!:

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