Colbert Report, 27th of April – 30th of April 2009

Blimey, we’re up to date for pretty much the first time ever. My favourite bit this week was when Mr Colbert had the Decemberists on. I love me some electrofolk.

The Backstory:

Folks in Britain have recently been blocked from watching the Colbert Report on the official Comedy Central website. Apparently FOX has just bought the rights to show it here, and does not want us to be able to view it online.

However, I have discovered that if you use the embed links kindly provided on the Comedy Central site for the very purpose of putting on your own blog, the embedded video can be viewed from any nation, including Britain! To watch them, however, I need to embed them somewhere. That somewhere is here. Henceforth, as a public service, I’m going to try to remember to embed the whole damn episodes worth of clips every day. The Colbert Report is bitingly superb satire, a vital part of feeding my addiction to US politics, and I’m not about to let Mr Murdoch stop me from being able to watch it without a fight. You can find the clips below:

27th of April:

28th of April:

29th of April:

30th of April:

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