Free Realms May 12th Update notes.

They didn’t give us full patch notes this time, but we did get a list of highlights:

* Members will now have an increased chance of encountering rich mining nodes

* Member potions and spheres are once again being distributed in-game

* The Marketplace now has a Members Only category

* There are several new items in the Marketplace

* The Briarwood warpstone is once again active

* A pet adoption center has been setup in Blackspore

* Base Ninja health has been increased across all ranks

* Contract: Life and Death Magic and Contract: That’ll Teach ‘Em are now repeatable quests

* The Changelings in Darvon’s Descent are no longer able to keep the artifacts they stole from showing up on the minimap. Players on the quest Stolen Artifacts should have an easier time locating them now.

* The quests “I Love Mushrooms” and “A Thorny Situation” can now be completed

* At the end of a kart race, Portraits, Total Time and Placement now appear properly

* The quest path will now properly update when selecting quests in your Quest Journal

* The lightning bolt bomb powerup is much more zappy than before! It will now blow up enemies from greater distances!

* Quickchat is now available from the Friends list

* Players will now be removed from the acquaintance list once they are added to the Friends list

In addition to the highlights, we’ve stomped out a lot of bugs submitted by our players. Thanks a lot for your help!

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