Free Realms June 22nd Update notes.

I don’t see me joining a guild in Free Realms, but it is still the feature that marks yesterdays patch as one to notice.

Mysterious incidents are happening across the land. Help out any of these people, and jump in the middle of the adventure:

* A Royal Courier is in trouble in Greenwood Forest
* Impress Sal Monella at Blackspore, and see where the next adventure takes you
* Henry Farnum has trouble with the local hooligans
* If you rescue Starshine’s child, she will have another task for a hero like you
* Help Sorin out near the Bat Caves, and see where he’ll send you to, or
* Complete Ceard Bauchlog’s task for further instructions
* (If you have already helped them out, return to them for another task!)

Quests & Collections & New Content

* Guilds! Gather your friends and be one of the first to start a guild! Talk to players in your guild using /gu


* Watch how your Pets react to wandering encounters differently based on their disposition


* When viewing Pets in the Marketplace you’ll be able to read about their personality before you purchase them
* Check out the new tool tips in the Claim Window of the Marketplace

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