Seaside Summer Splash! – Free Realms Update for the 2nd of July

Looks like these Free Realms Summer themed quests are only going to be available for a while, so catch ’em while you can!

Quests, Collections & New Content:

Sizzlebottom has drawn quite a crowd near the inn at Seaside. To celebrate his booming business, this Robgoblin has decided to kick-off a special holiday called Seaside Summer Splash! Join in the fun and find these celebrants and take on their challenges:

* Tarisa Teaspoon is trying to host a cooking competition…

* Heddy Heathcliff needs help making more fireworks…

* Shelly Sandishoes lost her stuff to a bunch of kids playing “Treasure Hunter”…

* Grekel is open to a friendly game of cards…

* …and Sizzlebottom is trading pinwheel fireworks. Check it out!


* Several Guild fixes

* A new camera controller has been added. You can turn it on and off from your game options menu.


There are new items added for the Seaside Summer Splash Holiday celebration!

* Uncle Sam Outfit

* Sand Castle

* Hula Outfit

* Ducky Floaty

* Palm Tree Island Shirt

Visit Seaside for the Summer Splash Events!

Seaside is the place for Free Realms summer fun! Complete quests and earn Seaside Stickers that you can redeem for special fireworks, fun wearables and other cool items!

Card Duelists have a chance to challenge Grekel to a special scenario. Winners receive the exclusive Star Shot Candle firework!

These activities are only available for a limited time, so log in and visit Seaside today.

Special Bonus for Members Only

Members receive the exclusive Summer Sparkler Bundle!* Light up the night with a special blur and green sparkler set.

*Members must log in and claim this bundle by 11:59 PM PDT on 7/12/2009

10 comments to Seaside Summer Splash! – Free Realms Update for the 2nd of July

  • Browniez23

    Whoa! Free Realms has just passed the 4 million player mark! That is SO cool, and I’m glad that other gamers are enjoying this MMOG as much as I am! To celebrate the milestone, FR will be hosting an in-game bonus from July 2nd- 8th where players will receive double treasure tickets! These can then be used in Sanctuary to get sweets rewards.
    Find out more about the bonus here

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