In which Warhammer Online kindly bribes me to return, and I accept.

I received a jolly email from Warhammer Online today!

Warhammer Online Reactivation Reward for Returning Players

Ooh, I love free stuff, so this sort of stunt always works on me. I dug out my installation disks, and set to work!

My first shock was that Burlok has completely gone. It ‘s not even hidden, to be revealed by hitting the “more” button. It just ain’t there any more. Luckily, my characters still exist in some sort of netherworld, so I was able to transfer them to Karak-Norn, where I have been led to believe most Burlokians headed. Looked like the server needs a few more Order anyway, so off I went!

Colwyn’s name was taken on Karak-Norn, but I was allowed to rename him to Colwynn, so in I went! Colwyn was my cultivator, the fellow mostly responsible for my cultivating guide, so the very first thing that I noticed was that the names of the seeds have changed. That’s going to complicate things, and I guess I’ll have to redo it. I’ll have a rummage through the last few month’s patch notes to see what they have wrought. The other thing that I noticed was that his bank is still full to bursting with seeds, watering cans, and soil. I had hoped there would have been a bit more space in there by now! Aha, but we do now have extra inventory slots for crafting ingredients. 40 of them for Osgard, which will come in quite useful.

Mind you, I feel a bit lost as a level 34 Engineer. I’ve forgotten what half the buttons do, and am having trouble walking around. In any case, Osgard missed a lot of the low level changes that came in after launch, such as the addition of RvR influence, so I’m going to start a new engineer to relearn the ropes, and get the full WAR experience from level 1.

Over the next 10 days, and perhaps beyond, if I am sufficiently impressed, I’ll post about what has changed in the Old World, and whether WAR has improved enough to be worth a second look.

In other news: In a spooky display of timing, Funcom sent me an email a couple of hours after GOA did, asking me to come back to Age of Conan, and offering me 2 free weeks of play.

Did you know that once you reach level 50 with any character on your account, you automatically get access to a new level 50 character with a class of your choice? Perfect for trying out a new class! That is just one more reason to log into Age of Conan today and continue leveling Alfric. Once you reach level 50, you can activate your new instant level 50 character through the character creation system. This is a one time per account offer.

I shuddered slightly, then deleted the email.

6 comments to In which Warhammer Online kindly bribes me to return, and I accept.

  • Malk aka "Gotthardt"

    Welcome back dude :-) hope to see you online, although I’m mostly playing Demigod these days and in fact am doing rather well at it. But I’m still subbed up to WAR and ORvR and do scens once in a while. Norn is a lot busier than than Makaisson or Burlok ever were so you should find plenty of scenarios popping, during normal waking hours that is. I still find when Im up at ~5am (cos of shifts) it’s usually better to PvE or play something else.

    If you stick around long enough, may I recommend “Grom Karaz” or “Stout and Sturdy” as good Dwarf-only ex-Burlok RP guilds? They just happen to belong to the same alliance as “Eighth Moon”, my current home :-) There are 9 guilds in total, all cool, although one or two are Elf-only :-)

  • Thanks! I’ll have to see how things develop. At the moment just having fun running around with a tier 1 Engineer called Osgear!

  • Was shocked also – came back to see what the game was like now with the changes and wondering if I wanted to put my money onto a sub and no Burlok, all my characters would have to be moved to a new server (and require new names) and for some reason my Witch Elf now has ‘xx’ on the end of the name without me even putting it there! Pissed me off a little if I’m honest.

    I miss the roleplaying that occasionally went on in Burlok though when I was around and frankly… well, I hate the names people have chosen. Started over again though on the only PvP-on server going but might roll an order on Norn. Will have to see what takes my fancy.

  • A CSR should be able to fix your characters name one way or another, Shamutanti. Who were you on Burlok? Did we ever cross swords?

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new Engineer. Partially that might be because my PC is far more powerful than last time I played!

    I’ve applied to join Grom Karaz, Malk. They’ve not responded yet.

  • I was on Burlok when it originally started whilst I believe you went onto the other RP server? I only played for the first month though, before the merger of servers, etc.

    Got a level 20 Warrior Priest and Ironbreaker and a 25 Engineer but not too interested in playing them without their original names and the roleplay server ’bout, thus why I’ve gone to Destruction (as a shammie). I needed the light roleplay to occasionally break up the quiet times =p

    Will look into maybe getting an Order guy on Norn.

  • Would love to see that debate. It28s more relevant today given the continued decline in our national health over the last decade. That would be a great addition to youtube!