Everquest 2: Maltheas, Raider of the Lost Cheese.

Doing the Freeport side of the “Attack on the Crowns” World Event was proving to be a bit much for Maltheas. While he could, with an acceptable risk of dying, manage to get to Sir Tallen Yevix in West Freeport, he had no chance of getting into the heavily guarded Academy of Arcane Science to see Researcher Kendril. Not without some Frostfell Magic!

And amazingly, even though yesterday he had ten days to wait until he was eligible for the year 6 veteran pack, today it mysteriously became available. Having acquired the extraordinarily useful ability to teleport to a group member let our fearless ratonga bypass the guardian gargoyles and undead, and appear right next to the Researcher, who was eager for assistance. Though sadly not so grateful that he would tell the guards not to beat him up on the way out…

Malth made short work of finding the parts to Tinmizer’s Magnificent Messenger (slowed only by the one hour cooldown on Call of the Veteran), and being a master tinker, was even able to impress Sir Yevix by assembling the gadget for her. Whereupon we used it to contact Lucan, and find out where the heck he’s gotten to.

Turns out he’s gotten himself kidnapped by person or persons unknown. The smart money is on the Void. Sir Tallen managed to locate Soulfire’s hiding place and undertook to find it, to ensure its safety. Rather rudely, she refused to let Maltheas come with her. This would not do, as Maltheas had business of his own in the Overlord’s office. Fortunately, Researcher Kendril owed him a favour, and it was not long before, for the second time in his life, he stood within Lucan’s chambers. The last time he had been there, to assassinate the Overlord (that didn’t go so well), he had noticed something that bore further ….. investigation.

It was the deliciouses!!!

It was the deliciouses!!!

After having a quick nibble, he set to work stuffing several hundredweight of finely aged cheese into his bag of holding. The bulk of this was to be distributed to Ratonga families who had been driven into exile by Lucan for refusing to serve him. Revenge would be delicious, served hot or cold! Also, Maltheas’ annual Frostfell fondue party was assuredly going to be a big hit this year!

The important job dealt with, Sir Tallen arrived, and while she was a little annoyed Maltheas had managed to get there before her, she instantly forgave him, and set to work finding Soulfire. She seemed to have given the whole business quite a lot of thought! Even the room suddenly filling with Soulfires did not slow her down terribly much.

So confusings!!

So confusings!!

Once she found the genuine Soulfire she declared herself the true ruler of Freeport, meaning that Lucan had been betrayed at least twice in one day. That’s Freeport for you, and entirely to be expected. Maybe she’s being possessed by a minion of the Void, but she didn’t seem anywhere near unpleasant enough. Actually she seems a lot nicer than Lucan, and unlike Lucan, actually likes Maltheas. We’ll have to see if we can persuade Queen Antonia to rethink trying to find the Overlord, though I suspect the Royals are going to stick together.

Seeing as the real Soulfire had already been stolen, Maltheas yoinked one of the fake ones to put on his wall, next to his replica Qeynos Claymore. It’ll make a great novelty cheese-knife for the party.

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