Star Trek Online Pre-Ordering? Make it so.

As usual these days, there are a ridiculous number of different combinations of bonus items you can get, depending on who you order from. I went for the Direct2Drive Digital Deluxe option.

I was a little torn, as the TNG and Deep Space 9 uniforms offered by some retailers would have been nice, but this settled it for me:

Exclusive “KHAAAN!” Emote
An unforgettable moment from the second Star Trek Film. This exclusive emote allows players to relive Kirk’s unforgettable moment of fury, with the timeless cry… “KHAAAN!”

That will never get old. NEVER!!!! KHAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This might also be fun, for an alt. Cap’n Arkenor Oakshadow will be a human, most likely.

Joined Trill Race
The ability to play as a “Joined Trill” – a symbiote that grants you several lifetimes of experience.

Open Beta starts on the 12th. I’ll be sure to report on how things go.

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