Happy New Year!!!

May this coming year bring you everything you need, and even some of the things you want. May you not want for food, or water, or warmth. May you keep or find friendship, and love. May you and your loved ones stay safe from the shadows that surround us. May you know peace enough to hear the quiet voices.

For me, I’m hoping that this is the year I get my life back on track after something of a hiatus. If everything goes to plan (and we all know how often that happens!!!) I’ll sort my health out, and make some progress towards getting a little more voice/acting work.

Recording should begin shortly for season one of the “radio play” Jack Steel and the Starblade, in which I am fortunate enough to be playing Squadron Leader Steel himself. Fear not, gentle reader, for I shall most certainly be making it available for listening to upon this very site. If the universe is willing, perhaps it’ll lead to something else for myself, the writers, and all of our highly talented cast of unknowns.

My father returned home yesterday after what was, for me at any rate, an extremely enjoyable visit. He is really the only family I have left, and if I can do something this year to make him proud I’ll consider it a year well spent. Anyways, I’ll have a lot more time now for regular posting, so we should see things get back on track here.

So, let us go forth into 2008, and see what it has in store for us.

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