Tamriel Immersion Experience also Terminates Tutorials!

Just a quick shout out for the Tamriel Immersion Experience mod, which greatly enhances the feel of Oblivion.

Why do I think this mod is so great? Because its creator incorporated my Ark’s Tutorial Terminator mod, and actually asked before he did so! That, and it’s also pretty darn awesome in its own right.

Here’s the extremely impressive feature list:

– 600 added NPCs with TNR faces!
– CorePC’s Tamriel Travelers and Arkenor’s Tutorial Terminator mods merged!
– Increased weapons and ammo damage – without NPCs having excessively high levels of health.
– No more fancy armor wearing bandits.
– All enemies and loot items unlocked at game start.
– Secret entrances into all cities and castles that do not show on maps.
– Heavily tweaked and more natural wildlife behaviour.
– Far greater rarity of high end weapons and loot.
– Deadlier traps (wall darts, gas emitters, spiked floors, logs, etc).
– Decreased thieving sounds (Hear-Me-Not).
– Many Morrowind ingredients and food items.
– Better and more lethal archery.
– Imperial City underground is now fully interconnected via tunnels and trapdoors.
– Greater chance of contracting various diseases in battle.
– Vampires no longer affected by normal weapons.
– Larger population of underwater Argonians.
– Books such as the extremely handy “Tactics and Maneuvers: The Field Tactician’s Handbook” providing useful hints on staying alive in T.I.E. More books will be added for future releases.
– Safer roads. For those who like to “just walk around, see the sunsets, and pick the beautiful flowers”. Just don’t venture off the roads. Still pack some weaponry and potions though, simply because you never know…
– Bandit steeds that can be stolen and ridden if you get close enough to them.
– Undercover Imperial Legion Officers that have full authority to arrest and kill intruders, murderers, and thieves.
– All High to Mid level Inns and Stores as well as castles now have “restricted areas” within them (courtesy of Duggedank), so players venturing out of authorized areas will be warned either by the NPC commoners and storekeepers – or by the Guards themselves. Three strikes and you’ll find yourself either being pursued, or in jail, so be careful.

You can find it here.

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