Qeynos declares war on Evony.

Oh Evony. We trieds to leaves yous alone and lonelies.

Arkenor says:

I wrote a little story, back in the day, about you stealing content from Civilisation, mostly because of the high regard I holds Civ in. Also because it was incredibly easy to prove what you’d done, and I am lazy.

That got picked up by quite a few sites, and was used as primary source material for many a tale about the internet. To this day most of our incoming links are to that post. Folks far more influential than we had picked up the banner, occasionally falling foul of frivolous litigation. We moved on to things more fun, because you, Evony, are not very much fun at all. Not to mention that you’ll steal anything that isn’t nailed down.

Yes the indeeds. We were letting bygones be goneby, and all thats.

But this time you’s gone too fars, Evony. You’s messing with my’s Queen. This is what is happenings to the peoples who mess with my’s shiny Queen Antonia.

Queen Antonia And Maltheas Beat Up Murrar Shar In Everquest 2 300x179

Nos to the stealings my Queenships images!

Yes, she always the underdresseds at bests of time, but that does not be givings you the right to be using hers to advertise for yous horrid game.

As spotteds by Krystalle, who is kindly lettings us display evidences of the infamous deedishness heres:

What, she was wearings too many clothes for you, so yous removeds even more? Also, she not glows like thats. When I call her the shinies glowies Queen, it was the metaphors!! You’s sos stupids!

I’s been speakings to her Queenliness, and the Council, and we’s not takings such mean insultings lying downs. This is the wars, Evony! Not being able to be leavings Norrath is going to make it the trickies to give you the vigorous hammer-cloutings yous deserve, but just yous be waitings! The magicals Concordium are workings on the portal spells as I writes.

I shall be stridings about yous world likes a mightyish colossus, smitings yous horrible tiny stolen bitmap cities with the full 3-dimensional furies. Like sos!:

Maltheas Vs Evony

A poorly made artist's impression of what Maltheas is going to do to Evony.

Repents you’s evil ways, before it too lates! Repents!!

17 comments to Qeynos declares war on Evony.

  • Yellow

    Wow, this is such bad writing it makes my head hurt more than trying to read anything on Evony.

    • Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inoftmarion.

    • ich würde gerne meinen besten Freund überraschen, weil er immer für mich da ist. Auch jetzt wo ich in die Klinik zur OP muss. Er ist einzig artig und hat es verdient, überrascht zu werden

    • Ende amo molto anche Momo. Per certi versi è tragicamente profetico, non so se il finale per il mondo reale sarà però lieto come nel libro@ Lucia:personalmente il confronto tra film e libro l’ho trovato troppo sbilanciato, forse anche per il fatto che il film finisce a metà. Comunque se la visione del film ha spinto i tuoi alunni a leggere il libro, penso che adorerò anche il film

    • – Fantastic story Terry. I, like so many others have often wkeald by the homeless wondering about their lives but not willing to spend the time to find out. Barry shows us that they are real people with real feelings. I certainly hope he is getting the care required at this stage in his life.  

  • Boo hoos! Humans is so means!!!

  • Kdrie

    It’s ironic to see an ad of evony right in the middle of ur article.

  • Gryph

    This is the wars!!!! Epic win!! I hearts yous

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  • certainly like your website but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts.
    A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to inform the truth nevertheless I’ll certainly come again again.

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