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7:59 pm GMT, Day, er, lets call it Day 15

It is the last day of the Open Beta! In three days time, on Friday, the doors will open for Headstart.

There have been a couple of smallish patches since last I wrote, but no patch notes. Might have just been hard to describe stability improvements, but I am somebody who likes to rummage through patch notes, so the lack makes me a little sad.

We’ve been promised some surprises before this parallel universe folds in on itself, probably starting in a couple of hours. I’ll be sure to keep you informed as to what the festivities entail!

8:42 GMT, Day 15

The events aren’t supposed to be starting until about 10 pm GMT, so I’m killing time pootling about in the Briar Patch, the area of space made famous by Star Trek: Insurrection. Lieutenant T’Rix takes an instant dislike to the area, possibly because it is also home to the largest honey-nut Cheerio in the universe.

Star Trek Online Briar Patch 300x177

Born and bred in a Briar Patch.

10:13 pm GMT, Day 15

And so it begins. The Klingons are attacking Sol. Unfortunately they have the same spawn point as the Federation. Coupled with their low numbers, this is not looking like a fun time to be a Klingon.

Star Trek Online End Of Beta Event Sol Klingon Attack 300x177

Another glorious Federation Victory!!!

Klingons are lasting seconds. Poor fellows. I do hope this isn’t the whole of the End of Beta event, because all it’s doing at the moment is demonstrating how ill-thought out PvP is in Star Trek Online. The zone-in point is, of course, filled to the brim with Federation mines. They have no chance whatsoever of getting a foothold.

I’m in Sol instance 77, btw, if you want to say hello! If you’re a Klingon, I suggest pooling your resources in one instance. Maybe things are going better for the Klingons elsewhere.

As I lack the necessary killer instinct to engage in mass-spawn killing, I have retreated a little distance away. Hoping that the tide will turn against us. Perhaps they’ll get some NPC assistance. Certainly can’t rely on a Dev turning up with as many instances of Sol as we have.

10:38 PM GMT, Day 15

I’m receiving reports that some Klingons have managed to get onto the station. It is only about 10 seconds at full speed from where you zone in to where you get asked to beam aboard, so this seems possible, especially as they might be getting onboard from a space instance less packed with Feds. Going to dock and take a look.

The station instance I arrive at has one Klingon spawning over and over again. Kind of like in space, but you can see the face of your victim. Going to head back outside.

Hmm, reports are that the Klingons are not surviving long enough to get the option to be able to leave the zone, so they’re stuck there. Tempers are fraying over there.

10:51 GMT, Day 15


Request for assistance *hisss* All Federation Vessels.

Can anyone hear me? It’s the Borg!!!!

Star Trek Online Borg 300x177

Argh! It's like Wolf 359 all over again!!!

11:10 pm GMT, Day 15

Borg are appearing on our Space Stations, and in Sirius Sector space. What do they want? Why now? Nobody knows, but it probably has something to do with assimilation.

11:59 pm GMT, Day 15

Not what you want to see at your spawn point! Now we’re the ones being camped!

Star Trek Online End Of Beta Event More Borg 300x177

The arrival of the Borg Cubes

I’m not entirely sure what we’re supposed to be doing. These are instanced battles you get to from Sector Space, much like the regular ones you’d find elsewhere. The normal ones have goals, but these just seem to be us vs Borg.

00:35 am GMT, Day 15

Things aren’t going much better back on the Station! Endless waves of Borg are drubbing us soundly. Endless. Waves. Mindyou, we endlessly respawn too, so it is only fair. Beginning to get a little bor(g)ing, truth be told, as we don’t seem to have any goal, as such. It’s also a bit of a struggle fighting all these level 50 enemies in space and on the ground for little old me. Doesn’t seem to be a level-up NPC about like there as for the Champions Online End of Beta event.

Star Trek Online End Of Beta Borg Station Assault 300x177

If you're looking for Sulu, he's right through that door.

Champions Online also had achievements you could unlock that would carry forward to the live game. I’ve not seen anything like that here. I hope I’m not missing one!

2:00 am GMT, Day 15

The Star Trek Online Open Beta is officially over, and thus so is my Open Beta liveblog. I hope it was vaguely useful to someone somewhere! What did you think of the Beta, if you were in it?

Update: I’ve posted my final thought on the current state of Star Trek Online here.

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