EVE Online – My journeys so far.

A couple of weeks ago, as I mentioned, I started playing EVE. It is a very different sort of MMO, but I think I’ll save the game analysis for when I’m feeling a bit more intelligent. Still, I thought you might be somewhat curious as to how I’m getting on.

Quite well, as it turns out. EVE’s learning curve is famously steep, and it is very easy to find yourself wondering what the heck you should do next. Fortunately I have enough experience with previous true sandboxes, mostly old school Ultima Online, to not be too disorientated by that.

I signed up for the 14 day trial, but that did not last terribly long. Trial accounts can’t take the Industrial ship skills, even though you receive a couple of ships needing that skill during the tutorial. Well, a wannabe tycoon like me wasn’t having that, so clearly the thing to do was to subscribe! As there is no charge for the game itself, it was just a matter of 20 Euros, including a one-off signup charge. Within my current funds, just about! Impressively, unlike most trials, the remaining trial time you have is added to your subscription, so you don’t miss out on gametime by subscribing before the end.

I started off as a Gallente citizen in the Verge Vendor region of space, and completed all the advanced tutorials at the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Clellinon system. The advanced tutorials are extremely generous with gifts of skillbooks and ships, not to mention wisdom, and this gave me an excellent start. On finishing up there, I decided to base myself in the nearby Luse system, setting up shop in a starbase belonging to the Federation Customs corporation. In retrospect, they weren’t necessarily the best Corporation to concentrate on, but they were local, and have looked after me quite nicely. I ran missions for the local corps for a few days, before deciding I wanted to explore a little more of the universe.

So off I sped to the the Amarr and Minmatar tutorial zones. I had discovered that you can go through the advanced tutorials at every system that offers them. Completing each series gives a decent chunk of standing, so it seemed worthwhile from that alone. What I do is simply leave all my gear where it is, get in my Gallente Shuttle, and buy the cheapest frigate available when I get there. It has been extremely useful in learning how the other races ships and weaponry work, which I am sure will be useful in the future.

I’m still in two minds whether or not to go do the tutorials in Caldari space, as they are the sworn foes of the Gallente, my primary faction, and my Gallente standings would take a serious knock. I’ll probably save them for if the Caldari start looking like they really hate me. Doing the odd bit of work for their allies, the Amarr, should keep that from happening any time soon.

So far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any limit on how much stuff I can have. This is a major boon to a pack rat like me, but I can see that I will have an epic time of it trying to keep track of where everything is, even with the useful Assets window. I have a base of operations in each of the three Empires I have so far visited, each with its own pile of ships, loot, and general junk.

The other reason for me visiting the Amarr is that different areas offer different loot and salvage, and the capacitor related salvage I seek is most easily gained from Amarr’s local pirates; the Blood Raiders, and Sansha’s Nation.

My relationship with the Federation Customs is standing me in good stead as I prepare to move my Gallente operations to the Luminaire system in the Essence region. They have a couple of starbases there, so I arrive already having access to level 2 missions, and a good tax rate. I’m mostly moving to be a little more central, as it is a lot quicker to get into the other Empire areas from here. There are a heap of drawbacks to being in a busier area, but travel is far from trivial in Eve, and it’ll save me a lot of time in the long run.

Currently, I’m poking about the Luminaire area, seeing what’s on offer, and building up my standings with the local Corporations. Some are the same as over near Luse, but there are quite a few that are new to me here. Slowly building up my resources, skills, and standings. Patience is key.

For anyone interested in my current build, it’s coming up after the leap.

Arkenor Oakshadow

Intelligence: 19.44
Perception: 19.44
Charisma: 11.88
Willpower: 17.28
Memory: 21.60

Corporation Management
Level1 Anchoring
Level1 Corporation Management
Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,000

Level2 Combat Drone Operation
Level3 Drones
Level1 Mining Drone Operation
Level2 Scout Drone Operation
Total Skillpoints in Group: 12,744

Level1 Electronic Warfare
Level3 Electronics
Level3 Electronics Upgrades
Level2 Long Range Targeting
Level1 Propulsion Jamming
Level1 Sensor Linking
Level2 Signature Analysis
Level3 Survey
Level1 Target Painting
Level2 Targeting
Level1 Weapon Disruption
Total Skillpoints in Group: 41,159

Level2 Energy Emission Systems
Level2 Energy Grid Upgrades
Level2 Energy Management
Level1 Energy Pulse Weapons
Level2 Energy Systems Operation
Level3 Engineering
Level1 Shield Emission Systems
Level1 Shield Management
Level2 Shield Operation
Level2 Shield Upgrades
Level1 Tactical Shield Manipulation
Total Skillpoints in Group: 26,310

Level2 Controlled Bursts
Level3 Gunnery
Level1 Medium Hybrid Turret
Level2 Motion Prediction
Level2 Rapid Firing
Level2 Sharpshooter
Level2 Small Energy Turret
Level3 Small Hybrid Turret
Level2 Small Projectile Turret
Level2 Weapon Upgrades
Total Skillpoints in Group: 33,725

Level1 Ice Harvesting
Level4 Industry
Level2 Mass Production
Level4 Mining
Level1 Mining Upgrades
Level2 Production Efficiency
Level3 Refining
Total Skillpoints in Group: 106,961

Level4 Analytical Mind
Level3 Clarity
Level3 Eidetic Memory
Level3 Empathy
Level1 Focus
Level4 Instant Recall
Level4 Iron Will
Level4 Learning
Level3 Logic
Level4 Spatial Awareness
Total Skillpoints in Group: 307,296

Level1 Frigate Construction
Level2 Hull Upgrades
Level1 Industrial Construction
Level2 Jury Rigging
Level3 Mechanic
Level1 Remote Armor Repair Systems
Level1 Remote Hull Repair Systems
Level2 Repair Systems
Level3 Salvaging
Total Skillpoints in Group: 41,323

Missile Launcher Operation
Level1 Defender Missiles
Level1 FoF Missiles
Level1 Missile Bombardment
Level2 Missile Launcher Operation
Level1 Rapid Launch
Level1 Rockets
Level1 Standard Missiles
Level1 Target Navigation Prediction
Total Skillpoints in Group: 4,915

Level1 Acceleration Control
Level2 Afterburner
Level2 Evasive Maneuvering
Level3 Navigation
Level2 Warp Drive Operation
Total Skillpoints in Group: 14,659

Level1 Archaeology
Level2 Astrogeology
Level1 Astrometric Rangefinding
Level2 Astrometrics
Level1 Biology
Level2 Cybernetics
Level1 Hacking
Level1 Laboratory Operation
Level1 Metallurgy
Level1 Research
Level4 Science
Total Skillpoints in Group: 63,056

Level1 Connections
Level1 Criminal Connections
Level1 Diplomacy
Level2 Negotiation
Level4 Social
Total Skillpoints in Group: 49,834

Spaceship Command
Level3 Amarr Frigate
Level1 Amarr Industrial
Level1 Caldari Frigate
Level2 Destroyers
Level3 Gallente Cruiser
Level4 Gallente Frigate
Level1 Gallente Industrial
Level3 Minmatar Frigate
Level1 Minmatar Industrial
Level3 Spaceship Command
Total Skillpoints in Group: 177,558

Level1 Broker Relations
Level1 Contracting
Level1 Marketing
Level1 Retail
Level2 Trade
Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,415

Total Skillpoints: 883,955
Total Number of Skills: 108

Skills at Level 1: 46
Skills at Level 2: 33
Skills at Level 3: 19
Skills at Level 4: 10
Skills at Level 5: 0

I am, as ever, unfocused. I have given myself a good base from which to work from though, through my concentration on the Learning tree, which speeds my rate of skillpoint gain up appreciably. Moving forward, I will be taking the necessary skills to unlock the wonders of Mining Barges, along with anything else that looks kind of quickish and handy along the way.

While I’ve gotten up to Cruisers with Gallente ships, I don’t consider it too late to switch to another Empire’s ships if I decide that is a good idea. I’m still pondering my options, so will be avoiding Empire-specific ship skills for a while.

4 comments to EVE Online – My journeys so far.

  • Longasc

    Don’t worry, it is not too time consuming to train for all frigates/cruisers/battleships of all races. I would even recommend it, you can then pick what you want. The problem is that some races have rather specific weapon preferences and bonuses, like lasers for Amarr and Howitzers for the Minmatar. I went for Lasers and Missiles, Caldari/Amarr stuff. I dunno if the Minmatar Rifter is still as good as it was when I played, it was my favorite Tier 1 Frigate due to the hi/med/low slot layout.

  • Never too late to cross-train frigates or cruisers. It is especially easy if you pair races that use the same tanking strategies, for instance Gallente and Minmatar are both primarily armor tankers, but tyou don’t have to. Personally I’ve trained Gallente and Caldari, but that’s because I like drones and missiles more than for any practical purposes.

    • Æjæj, Monica! Det fÃ¥r'n si, du fÃ¥r det til dur)eGratule;)r sÃ¥ masse, kjempegøy!NÃ¥ tipper jeg stua pÃ¥ kollen blir komplett, med den nye stolen!!Klem Line

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