Evony cries “Uncle!” to Bruce Everiss

It appears that Evony has dropped its libel lawsuit against Bruce.

The company abruptly abandoned its case against Everiss, which was being heard in the supreme court in Sydney, halfway through the second day of the case – and is now facing a legal bill of A$114,000 (£68,800) for the defence’s costs.

Evony claims that it dropped the lawsuit because its players were unhappy with it. If that was the case, you might have thought that they would have dropped it before the courts went into session. I suspect it had rather more to do with them suddenly realising that the Australian courts like to base their judgements on objective truth, rather than whatever silly made-up nonsense the Evony lawyers put before them. There was probably a limit to the amount of humiliation their Australian-based lawyers were prepared to suffer.

Evony is demonstrably the creation of people willing to steal from wherever they like, thinking that they can get away with it, and there was never any chance that they would win the case based upon evidence. There was always the risk of them managing some sort of legal jiggery-pokery though, so it is a relief to see it over.

Quite possibly they also wanted to conserve their legal funds to deal with Blizzard’s presumably impending wrath regarding World of Lordcraft.

Well done to Bruce for standing up for the truth! Also, thanks for being the one that got sued, as I doubt I would have been quite as effective at assembling a legal defense!

Sources from the case suggested that Evony did not want the publicity to overshadow its launch of the next version of its game, Evony: Age II, which is due for release imminently.

Great Caesar’s Ghost!!! Evony II? Assuming that that is not the same as World of Lordcraft, I’m looking forward to examining it to see who they ripped off this time.

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