In which I write a letter

Damn’it. I’ve gone and sent a letter to my MP. That’s how jolly annoyed I am.

Dear Sir,

I am resident in Norwich, and have been a Labour voter for as long as I’ve been able to vote. If you have not yet read the allegations, then they are available at the Times website at:,,2087-842665,00.html

I view the charges made by Mr Cook with extreme dismay. There are only two satisfactory conclusions.


a) The charge is true. The Government is guilty of misleading the House, and should duly be charged with Contempt of Parliament. And probably treason too, for that matter.

b) The charge is false. Robin Cook should be charged with Contempt of Parliament, and libel. As indeed, if I understand the law, ought also the Sunday Times.

I will, fairly I think, consider a lack of such charges towards Robin Cook to be an admission of guilt on the part of the Government.

I urge you, sir, to do what is within your power for ensuring the appropriate parliamentary procedures are put into motion. Parliament is being made a mockery of. I am sure you will agree that this cannot continue. Please, do what you can.

I told a bit of a fib about voting for him. As if. I only got tricked into voting Blair in. I didn’t vote to keep the rotter. Two out of the three times I’ve got to vote in a general election, I actually voted for these chaps, the Liberal Democrats. Hmm, I’ll shoot them a letter too. I’m all fired up. Grrrr.

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