Everquest 2: Watch Out! There’s a Stormhammer coming through!

With GU56 came a few fixes that I’d been waiting for. When Kaladim was relevelled down to Tier 4 a few months ago, many of the old quests were missed, so a T4 character could not pick them up. That now seems to have been rectified, opening up one of the most handy Signature quests around for an adventuring Templar. Such as, for instance, Maltheas!

EverQuest 2 Maltheas Is Granted Stormhammer 499x320

Maltheas is granted the Legendary Stormhammer!

Once wielded by King Kazon Stormhammer and said to have been crafted by Brell himself, it has had a complicated history, some of which you may learn if you follow in Maltheas’ footsteps. It’s a fairly epic quest that you won’t get done in a single day, if only because of lockouts on a necessary instance, but Maltheas just about managed to solo it at 40, and a tier 4 group should have no problem whatsoever. Stormhammers for everyone! You can find out how to get started over at EQ2i’s handy guide to the Stormhammer Timeline.

EverQuest 2 Maltheas Weilding Stormhammer 499x385

Maltheas shows off The Stormhammer on the docks of Nektulos Forest.

Everquest 2 The Stormhammer Of Legend Stats

I concur with my colleague. Ooohs. That is one nice hammer.

Probably the best weapon he’s likely to get his paws on at his level, especially after sticking a fiery adornment on it. I suspect Maltheas will be wielding The Stormhammer of Legend for a rather long time.

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    If you care a great deal about lore, why don’t you read a book? That seems to be the place where the best lore is written. I sgsuegt _The Book of the New Sun_ by Gene Wolfe and _A Game of Thrones_ by George R.R. Martin. Those two books are significantly better than any MMO story I’ve read. You first deride quest text, then you say that you want static worlds with static lore. Well how do you think that static lore is going to be relayed to you? You could probably discover it through exploration, but that is a slow and uneven process. There’s little means for designers to know how much a player has seen of the story, so pacing becomes a nearly impassible issue. The way stories must be told in a static environment is through static text regurgitated ad infinitum by static NPCs.MMOs are just the vestiges of mediocre fantasy stories with mediocre games laid on top of them. The reasons people seem to play them is either from sheer novelty, blind competitiveness, or social expectation fickle factors that could apply to any MMO that isn’t complete trash.I’ve heard of the class-specific stories in TOR. That concept rings hollow, though, because every person who plays that class experiences the same story. That shouldn’t happen. It makes each story meaningless because it’s infinitely repeatable and the same for everyone. You should be able to interact with the game world in meaningful ways (Guild Wars 2 may try to do this) only then can you actually have player-driven narrative and story that matters.Even a foot soldier has an effect on the war. As it stands now, players have no effect on the world.

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