Everquest 2: Glopp’s guide to moving to New Halas.

Today we have a treat! Glopp, one of the rare Froglok Ninja of Marr, will be taking us along as he moves to New Halas. Ordinarily this sort of thing is Maltheas’ job, but he refuses to leave, and seems to be building some sort of blockade in case someone starts trying to bulldoze Qeynos, so Glopp has kindly offered to fill the gap. Ninja of Marr are quite a lot like ordinary ninja, except that they are much louder, quite incapable of stealth, always politely inform their target that they are considering stabbing them, and give them a few minutes to put their armour on.

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Glopp, Froglok Ninja of Marr, is a very odd being.

Have no fear for your current home. Everything will be moved automatically when you buy a house in New Halas. First, you must find the ambassador of your current city. For Qeynos, he is Ambassador Duryo Valstath in Qeynos Harbour, near the entrance to South Qeynos. He will ask you where it is you wish to move to, and grant you a quest. In this case, it will be “Moving To New Halas”.

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Ambassador! With all these choices you are spoiling us!

For citizens of Kelethin, you can find your ambassador over in Green Knoll, down a North-West ramp from the city proper to the forest floor, quite close to the road to Butcherblock. Those who are citizens of other cities will first have to betray, and your local ambassador will grudgingly help with that too.

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Gibrien Marsden, Ambassador of Kelethin, wondering who Glopp is talking to.

Next, we simply sail to New Halas, in search of the Halasian ambassador, the fair Brynhilde Maersdottr. She can be found in the North-western corner of Halas. You hand her the documents you were given in your old city, and that is it. Your Call to Qeynos or Call to Kelethin ability will be replaced by Call to New Halas, and you are free to go buy your new home.

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Glopp becomes a citizen of New Halas.

Houses in New Halas are in an area called Raven’s Roost, up a passage in the North-Eastern part of the city, in sizes to fit all budgets. A tier one guildhouse, sharing the layout of the 5 room manor, is also available.

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It's a good thing monks don't feel the cold.

I was going to also do a little guide to the New Halas housing, but it turns out Ysharros already made one! Go look!

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