Everquest 2: Extreme Quester Leaderboard update – Post Halas edition

With the dust setting from the introduction of Halas, and the Druid Circle world event, it’s time to check in again with Maltheas, and the Extreme Questers! When I last put together a leaderboard, just before Halas went live, it looked like this:

Maltheas EverQuest 2 Extreme Questing Leaderboard 2322 59

There’s big changes this month, as for the first time I’m including the 60-69 level range:

Maltheas EverQuest 2 Extreme Questing Leaderboard 2592 69

The level 49 Icelad, sitting on 3063, is extremely impressive, and I wonder if I can find another 400 doable quests before Maltheas himself reaches that level. He’s certainly the one to beat at the moment. The folks sitting on 49, 59, and 69 make me wonder if they are in fact Battlegrounds characters trying to max their AA points, rather than specifically extreme questers, but I’ll enjoy competing with them whatever their goal is!

Adding the level 60+ folks has obviously knocked Maltheas down the table a bit, but that is all good, because it gives me a bit more of an impetus. It’s important to be reminded that, even though Maltheas is doing well for his level, there’s a couple of thousand folks with more quests done lurking up ahead in the higher level tables.

Around a hundred of the new quests Malth has done are from the Halas and Frostfang Sea additions, with another 24 from the Druid Circle event. The rest come from a range of sources, particularly pushing deeper into the land of Everfrost, and the tier 4 heroic dungeons. Everfrost is pushing Maltheas to his very limits, and since I took the pictures for the new leaderboard I’ve let him to rise to level 42, allowing him a couple of equipment upgrades though nothing of much use in the way of new spells, so hopefully he can push a bit further.

Doing Frostfang and Everfrost so close together has left me a little snowblinded, so I’m glad of the opportunities to revisit greener lands that I have had recently when occasionally lending Stillwater and Deyotol a hand. I’m a bit of a soloist by nature, but it makes a nice change to share an adventure or two.

Everquest 2 Maltheas Vs Undertow In Everfrost 550x326

Maltheas vs Undertow - An Extreme Battle!

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