Videopost: Minecraft, Day 5

In which I delve deeper into the caves beneath my tunnel. What will I find?

I also build some ladders and feel sorry for a cow.

Episode 6 is here!

11 comments to Videopost: Minecraft, Day 5

  • Squishy

    Go and check out the zombie spawn. I have never come across one of those before!

    Could you make a bow and arrow and take it out from a distance?

    • I desperately want to make a bow, but I’ve not found any spider silk yet. Not seen many spiders, and none had silk :(

      A zombie dungeon is probably the easiest sort for me to deal with. A skeleton dungeon would have been horrific. It’s the only dungeon I’ve found so far, so I’m reluctant to just destroy it, but I do intend to head back down there for a better look next time. There should be a treasure chest!

  • Yarr

    Cow pillar, a tourist attraction?

    I’d suggest leaving the zombie spawner alone for now. You might want to use it to farm zombies for their drops at some point?

    I downloaded the game over the weekend (the site seems to be overwhelmed again at the moment) to see if I wanted to buy it. I can only play for a short while before getting a bit of motion sickness. If I dig really big tunnels (8 wide by 5 high) it doesn’t bother me as much. With all that room I’m thinking of doing some indoor farming. Wish I could buy this on Steam as I always have problems when trying to buy anything from outside the USA.

    After watching some of X’s YouTube videos on the game I’m wondering if one could create some rooms with dirt/grass floors and get pigs, cows and such to spawn indoors? Or perhaps create a corral around some animals outside, with torches and a moat around it to protect them from the bad creatures? Probably would be quite a big project though.

  • Rer

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m finding these videos fantastic, just watched all of them at once! Please do keep it up, and if Slurms keeps on making me want to buy the game perhaps I’ll see you around sometime. :D

  • Pandab3650

    hey man great videos, can’t wait to see more!

    • I’m glad folks are enjoying them. (I’m a little flabbergasted at how popular they seem to be!) I’m having a whale of a time making them. It’s a fantastic way to learn a little bit about movie-making.

  • Gizbyt the Squig herder

    I’m actually quite enjoying these myself so :) your certainly doing something right