Videopost: Minecraft, Day 11

In which I go on the shortest spider hunt in history, and explore the area beyond the underground river. Several creepers suffer mysterious hunting accidents.

4 comments to Videopost: Minecraft, Day 11

  • alec

    A few things:
    1. Using a pick on soft materials (soil, gravel, etc) doesn’t speed up digging whatsoever. Using a pick to dig through gravel is just as effective as using your hands, with the added bonus of breaking your pick.
    2. At 7:20, you walked right under some iron (I think, it’s kinda hard to see).
    3. Imo, you should work on extending your minetrack out the backside of your mountain, like you were going to originally, and then go off and start building something in that direction.

  • You coming back to PotBS as well when it turns F2P? Lazing through some pve content is pretty good these days. :)

  • Ron Weasley

    hey friend, why don’t you establish your permenant base and plant some wheat, and use some tnt to open some space up around the surface.
    i like to use whole wood blocks as torches but you need to light them with tender boxes.

  • Jim

    Yay! Ark returns :-)

    How about going hunting for diamonds?