Videopost: Minecraft, Day 16 – The Finding of Snow

After rather a long break, I continue my search for that most precious of Minecraft substances. Snow! Well, it was precious on this map at any rate!

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  • Dril

    Methinks if there was a real effort to make Minecraft more MMO-ish online, I’d be all over it. I love the idea, but, as a kind of goal and social-oriented person, I don’t get much satisfaction out of building stuff in singleplayer.

    Also, what software do you use to record your gaming stuff? I’m looking to do some good recordings of my Rift beta stuff and need something :P

    • I just use FRAPS and Windows Movie Maker.

      I’m working on a video for the all new monster-filled multiplayer experience. It’s fun, though very buggy. It is the early seed of what could be quite MMOish.