EQ2: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Butler.

We received the first batch of Velious Winter Rewards today. As well as a nice painting of the original “Scars of Velious” Everquest expansion’s cover art (it was probably my favourite of all the EQ expansions), we got something far more interesting. A butler!!

Good day, Sir (or Madam)! We are pleased to introduce you to the newest member of your household staff; your Coldain Butler. Your new butler can be placed in your house and will speak to his master as well as guests who may come calling. He may also be asked to join you on your adventures, and will follow you outside of your home for the span of an hour. He is very outgoing and will speak to others when hailed, and also likes to talk about his master. We hope you are pleased with this new member of your staff…he is certainly pleased to be in your service.

If there was ever an adventurer in need of a steadying influence and a helping hand, it would be Maltheas. Fortuitous it was, then, the day that Cheeves arrived on his doorstep with impeccable credentials. He had been so impressed by Maltheas’ efforts to help the folks of New Halas that he had decided to seek him out, and offer his service.

EQ2 Butler Maltheas And Cheeves1 550x887

Maltheas and his butler, Cheeves. What jolly adventures they are sure to have!

After some experimentation, he appears to be purely cosmetic, though I do very much like the feature that lets him come out of the house and follow you about. He is content to sit back and let Maltheas deal with any uncouth louts that might trouble the merry pair. To my very great joy, he also peacefully coexists with Mr Snowy, Maltheas’ snowman companion. It’s possible he’s taking up the deity pet slot, but Malth hasn’t got to the level where he’d get one of those, so it’s impossible for me to tell. What’s important is that Team Maltheas is now one Coldain bigger!! After years of abuse from the wandering Qeynos NPCs, it’s nice to have one to sing his praises! Let’s hope he does not let it go to his head and remains a humble(ish) servant of Rodcet Nife.

In other Velious-related new, Maltheas recently met some very pleasant Othmir.

EQ2 Othmir 550x405

Hoorays for the Othmir!!

He’s very glad to have made friends with these fine fellow-rodents, and is looking forward to hearing their tales. In exchange, he will teach them advanced Ratonga pants technology, and all will be richer as a result. We’ll be seeing a lot more of our semi-aquatic allies when we finally make it to Velious.

If you want to meet the Othmir too, they’re part of the Velious prelude quests that are currently available. These quests will vanish when the expansion launches, so don’t leave it too late if you’re interested. You can start the quests with the Duality in Paineel, and the adventures scale to level, so are suitable for young and old, though the very young might find some of the travel a little nerve-wracking.

I was considering doing a full post on the prelude quests, but they’re so lore-heavy that I’m not sure how many would be terribly interested. Everyone, on the other hand, likes pictures of Othmir.

5 comments to EQ2: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Butler.

  • Barrem

    I just got here an hour ago from following the link you posted in the EQ2 forum. Why have I never heard of this site before? I’ve been reading through all your old EQ2 posts. I love your work, and it’s so nice to see a website that doesn’t spend all day trying to persuade me that the cash shop is good for the game.


    • Wow, thanks!

      It’s not too surprising you never noticed me. I’m a bit off the beaten track so far as EQ2 sites are concerned. Glad you found it, and hope to see you around!

  • Dave

    is that…is that a pie on his cape?^^ I’ve never played EverQuest, is it worth getting still now? or is it more of a current player base only scene now.

    • It is the legendary Cloak of Pie!

      If you mean EQ2, rather than original Everquest, Everquest 2 is still a very good game, and well worth a try, though you should make sure you find one of the busier servers if you were to try it.

      EQ1 is still pottering along, but it’s so old now that it’s mostly painful to look at. I’ve not played that in years, though I have some fine memories.

      Some people love EQ2, and some don’t. I much prefer EQ2 to WoW. They came out at pretty much the same time, but WoW won the advertising war. It’s very much still under development, with regular updates and a new expansion coming after Christmas.

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