The picture below is a split screen. On the right is what Egyptian State Television is showing. Essentially, they’re showing live pictures of all the places that the protesters are not, claiming that all is peaceful. It’s an embarrassingly transparent trick, but when it is coupled with the shut-down of the internet and communications, it can be effective. The Egyptian authorities have also begun shutting down the international news agencies, starting with Al Jazeera. Slowly, a curtain is being raised to shield what is to come from prying eyes.

Egyptian State Television Vs Al Jazeera 550x255

On the left is part of Tahrir Square, the center of the Cairo protests. In the last hour I’ve been hearing them get buzzed by jet fighters, drowning out the sound of the journalists reporting from there. It’s an extremely noisy business, clearly intended to intimidate. The Egyptian government can’t seriously intend to use jet fighters against their own people, can they?

Things are approaching a climax. I hope for the best.

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