Maltheas and the Superb Owl – A Cheeves and Maltheas adventure!!!

Since his arrival, Cheeves has gotten used to being dragged around Norrath for the flimsiest of reasons.

EQ2 Maltheas And The Superb Owl 600x414

Jabber Longwind was unamused, it being the 17th time he'd heard that joke today.

EQ2 Maltheas Does Not Like Steelers 600x443

Maltheas does not like Steelers

EQ2 Maltheas Is A Cheesehead 600x440

Like all dwarves, Cheeves is a Steelers fan.

Maltheas is dressed more appropriately for the Green Bay Packers anyway. May the best Superbowl team win!

2 comments to Maltheas and the Superb Owl – A Cheeves and Maltheas adventure!!!

  • Kirskax

    It appears that LDL and Crushbone will be merging later this month. I will have to keep an eye open for Maltheas and maybe drop by to provide him some cheese I recently obtained and am safekeeping for him.

    We are almost finished with the evil-sided content for the 60s and will be aligned with Qeynos again soon — perhaps even in time for the merger. I must admit a significant desire to level to 70 and spend the 90 AA points I have already earned but cannot yet spend, but the good-sided writs and deity quests must be completed first.

    Take care, bold rat, and we shall meet soon!

    Lt. Kirskax Lunaria
    Currently in the employ of the Overlord of Freeport

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