EQ2: Extreme Questing Update: The Return of the Leaderboard!

When last we cast our eyes over the state of Extreme Questing in Norrath back in January, we were rather badly hampered by the EQ2 website’s leaderboards being completely broken. However, in the last week those leaderboards have made a remarkable recovery, so normal service can once again resume! Normally I like these to coincide with a mighty deed (for the pictures), but I wanted to get this out as soon as I heard we had functionality again.

In that time, a number of servers have merged. Maltheas’ server, Lucan d’Lere, has merged with Crushbone. This doesn’t really change our table, though it does mean that characters from lost servers will appear twice, once for their old server, and once for their new, but as we use a composite, it is easy enough to strip those out. It has been quite nice to see more people around on our adventures.

The 60-69 tier is still a recent addition to the table, and we’ll continue with that being the maximum for now. Beyond that, there are so many people with large numbers of quests done that heroic lowbie Ratonga just can’t compete! Mind you, we are getting close to the point that the 70-79 tier might still leave a little room at the bottom for Maltheas to cling on to.

Maltheas EverQuest 2 Extreme Questing Leaderboard 2815 42 69

There's all to play for in the EQ2 Extreme Questing League!!

There’s been quite a lot of shuffling since the last leaderboard, and several mighty questers have levelled out of the top. I have no doubt that we’ll see many of them again when I raise the level-limit!

Since the leaderboardless update, Maltheas has not been exceptionally active. Brewday, Erollisi day, and Aether Racing have come and gone (Brewday is ongoing), and he picked off the new quests that came along with them. He has continued to slowly drag himself back up the crafting levels, and the carpenter writs have played a part of that. He has also passed through the excellent Steamfont tradeskill questline.

Most recently, Maltheas has been finishing up in the Feerott. He managed to sneak in to Freeport (always a rather tense business) and pick up 5 quest tomes for both the Feerott and Zek. It would have been nice to deal with those while he was still dealing with the bulk of those zones’ quests, but they didn’t take too much time to polish off, and his library is all the messier for it!

Lavastorm has occasionally made for a change of scene, and he’s probably about halfway through its main questline, but I suspect there won’t be too much progress there without a level or two.

EQ2 Maltheas In Lavastorm With Friendly Void Monster 600x344

Maltheas and Voidy. It was a very short-lived friendship.

Deathfist Citadel is about half done, but the above-ground areas are rather testing, and may not be completed soon. Emperor Fyst himself gave Maltheas a good hiding not so very long ago. He stands, Everling-like, between Maltheas and several Heritage quest completions.

The Bloodline Chronicles have yielded most of their secrets, but I’m a little burned out on it at the moment. Having to go back in to the same instance over and over, for each stage of the quest-line, is a little draining, and I don’t mean that as some sort of vampire-pun. I’ll get that done once I can face fighting my way through armies of heroic Mist Grinnin’s again.

The Lost Temple of Cazic Thule begins to beckon, and I’ll definitely make a start on that before levelling, but I don’t think it is a nice place for a lone level 42. Nor is the Obelisk of Lost Souls, but both must endure his investigations in the near future. I’m pretty sure he can get something done in there.

So that’s that. I’ll make sure the next update coincides with something exciting!

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