EQ2: Extreme Questing Leaderboard April Update!

It has been a mere 20 days since last we had a look at the Extreme Quester Leaderboard, but Maltheas has been a busy bee during that time. So much so that the moment has come to include the level 70-79 tier in the calculations.

The good news is that that means that my friends Annyya and Kirskax are back at the top! Ahoy up there! Since the server merge, we’ve even found common cause against a few particularly insidious quests, and I’m sure we’ll continue to work together! With the addition of the 70s Maltheas has plummeted back down to 13th, but he’s by far the lowest level there. He’ll begin his mysteriously both painful and fun struggle back up with his eyes wide open about what needs to be done!

Maltheas Everquest 2 Extreme Questing Leaderboard 3020 79

The majority of Maltheas’ new quests in the past weeks have been from getting back up to Master Carpenter, and devouring the delicious new Velious crafting quest lines. This has had some material benefits for his adventuring. Meet Snowberry the Gryphon!

EQ2 Maltheas Flies Over Shin Village On The Isle Of Mara 600x356

The Isle of Mara from the sky.

For a low level adventurer to be able to get a flying mount through crafting is wonderful, though I miss having the gryphon as a little pet that followed you about as you care for it over the course of a few days, until it grows big enough to fly on! I got rather used to it! It has been great to visit all my favourite old zones and have a fly around. I must be careful to not get too used to it though for general adventuring though. It’s only when you’re down in the muck that you learn what makes a zone tick.

I decided it was time for an update because this is a special day for Maltheas. I’m going to let him level to 43, and he’s terribly excited about it. Mostly because he’s going to be able to use all the jars of mechanical spiders that he stashed away when levelling tinkering. Before he unleashes his spiderbot army, to Cheeves’ dismay, let us have one final look at his current quest journal.

Maltheas Quest Journal April 8th 2011 600x420

Maltheas' Quest Journal, April 8th 2011

Theoretically, he should be able to polish off the two Bloodline Chronicles (Marked as Nektulos Forest above) quests he has left, but they don’t seem to be working properly, with the necessary items that need to be clicked not spawning after many attempts. Apart from those two, I’m pretty happy with taking a level. There’s a few I could probably accomplish with sufficient gruntwork, but what the heck. It’s been at least 6 months since he last levelled, and the little fellow needs a bit of cheese from time to time to keep going.

2 comments to EQ2: Extreme Questing Leaderboard April Update!

  • Terr

    Doing awesome there! Keep it up :) Pre-grats on the level as well; it’s about time ^_^

  • Kirskax


    It is great to see you received your griffon and of your levelling to 43. Cheeves should bake a cake for the occasion.

    Perhaps we can round up enough to try A Daring Confrontation this weekend or soon. I think that is the oldest quest in my journal, and I see that you have it too since we completed the first fo the original Guild City Tasks a few weeks ago,


    Lt. Kirskax Vrijbuiter
    Seafury Buccaneers

    P.S. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want assistance on any of the other persnickety tasks in your journal.