EQ2: Game Update 60 is revealed, along with a free week for inactive accounts.

We’ve just had a Press Release regarding the near future of Everquest 2. GU 60 will be concentrating on expanding Velious, and also improving the Battleground system.

EQ2 Fortress Of Drunder 600x357

The Fortress of Drunder

The plans of Rallos Zek are beginning to come to fruition and the mighty Fortress of Drunder, which once sat within the Plane of War itself, has appeared on Norrath, and now rests high above the Kromzek city of Kael Drakkel. From Drunder, Rallos Zek plans to rally his war parties, scale the massive sheer cliffs leading to the Western Wastes, and execute his plan to steal the power of Roehn Theer. It will take bold and daring adventurers to enter the fortress itself, unlock the secrets to the salvation of Norrath, and thwart the destructive agenda of the God of War.

  • PvP & Battlegrounds improvements, including but not limited to:
    • Lobby system so players can hang together between matches with PvP merchants available locally
    • New Velious battleground map (“The Frozen Tundra”)
    • New Battleground game type! (“Vanquish!”)
    • PvP and Battlegrounds rule modifications for better balance and fun factor
    • Fame system improvements
    • New PvP armor
  • Itemization:
    • New Adornments interface to make this system easier to understand
    • Continued honing of the itemization system
  • Drunder!
    • Three new instanced dungeons
    • Three new raids with all new bosses
    • New daily missions
    • Crystal Caverns
    • Solo shard quest
    • Two new heritage quests
    • Additional signature quest line

NOTE: Drunder content is locked to DoV expansion owners only. All other GU content affects all players.

Sounds like a decent lump of content for the high end. Not quite so sure about concentrating efforts on the Battlegrounds, but some people enjoy them, and perhaps more will after the changes.

There’s also a free week for all inactive accounts starting from this Thursday:

From April 14 to April 21, 2011, former players are also invited to log back in and experience the unparalleled depth and adventure that can only be found in EQII with the Take Flight Winback promotion. Eligible inactive accounts can log back in for free for 7 days, claim their free flying mount and reunite with friends and enemies alike for 7 days!

And they’re getting flying mounts! How is that going to work? Will be a bit of a swizz if its a unique one and folks who have stuck around can’t get their hands on it. And will it require high level? Much is yet to be revealed about this promotion!

Update: The flying mounts will only last for 12 hours. You can go claim another one when your current one runs out, but they will only be available for that week. So returning players get to have some fun with them, without cheapening the effort everybody else has to go through to attain them.

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