EQ2: Further Ratongan News. Ratonga love free stuff!

Maltheas gave us all some warning about this a few weeks ago, but now ripples of the news are beginning to spread amongst the general populace of Qeynos. Lock up your cheese-board. The Ratonga are coming!

Word is spreading fast among the citizens of Qeynos and its allies: ratonga have begun to openly enter the cities, and the guards are no longer turning them away at the gate. With Game Update 60: The Children of War, ratonga will now be considered a neutral race and may start life in any city of Norrath.

What deal have the shrewd ratonga negotiated that would make Queen Antonia and her allies change their minds? And what niche will these newcomers carve out for themselves in their new home cities? Only time will tell!

Visit the sages in South Qeynos and North Freeport to purchase “Out Of Necessity,” a book of ratonga history that scholars have recently unearthed. And celebrate the arrival – or departure – of your ratonga neighbours by visiting the Station Marketplace to collect a ratonga illusion and “Seeker of Cheese” house pet, both free for a week only, starting on May 31st. Be sure to check out the new Ratonga Heritage Armor and Underfoot Cheese Plate while you’re there!

So hurrah for free Ratonga-themed goodies. You too could, for a while at least, become as cute as one of our whiskery friends! The items will be available from the 31st of May to June 6th.
If you can’t wait to read “Out of Necessity”, Maltheas handily received an advance copy from his allies amongst the Freeport Ratonga.

EQ2 Maltheas And Renree Enjoy A Ratonga Picnic In Antonica 600x366

Maltheas and Renree watch the sun set in Antonica. A romantic picnic, or a meeting to plot evil Ratonga deeds? We report, you decide.

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