Fingerbobs – A British Children’s Television Classic!

The 70’s. A time when my young mind was subjected to every sort of strange talking animal or household object that television producers could think up. I’ve shared the terrifying Animal Kwackers with you before, but not every show from back then evokes such horrifying memories.

Fingerbobs was great. At its core, it was trying to encourage children to take up simple craft projects. Sometimes it succeeded, as the joys of making things out of stones and toilet rolls had a lot less competition back then. I remember finding Yuffie quite frightening to begin with, with his mighty beard and forehead, but he quickly won me around with his kind and gentle tales. The Fingerbobs themselves were a range of papercraft animals, who would assist Yuffie in his work. Their leader: the inimitable Fingermouse!

Fingermouse, Fingermouse
The never stop to think a mouse
The always on the brink a mouse
Fingermouse, that’s me

I am the mouse called Fingermouse
The mouse with guts and verve
I get past cats so easily
With my famous body swerve

Fingermouse, Fingermouse
I’m a sort of wondermouse
A hit, a miss, a blundermouse
Fingermouse, that’s me

When I think about it now, perhaps the fearless Fingermouse was one of the inspirations behind Maltheas!

I’m not too well right now, hence the lack of gaming, or posts. This too shall pass, possibly at the drop of a hat.

4 comments to Fingerbobs – A British Children’s Television Classic!

  • Dr_Toerag

    I remember Fingermouse! I sometimes find myself humming the tunes from it as I drive. That seagull (Gulliver) seemed to me to have come straight out of Watership Down, though.

  • Yarr

    I find it a bit spooky that Yuffie looks a little like a certain rogue called The Master (the original and best of them, Roger Delgado, that is) that used to plague a certain Time Lord. Perhaps this is what he did during a less evil regeneration?

  • Morvah

    perfect summary of my childhood with fingerbob! excellent :) hope you’re already on the mend captain.