Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 36 : Household God Hunt I

For too long have I wondered at the permanent lightning storm on the desert’s edge. It is the work of Jupiter, or at least his statue, buried beneath the ageless sands. I break out my pick and prepare for a spot of combat archaeology.

Mods Encountered

Household Gods by ThisGuyIsJoe : With the power of Juton on my side, I shall be, hmm, much the same as I was before. Once I collect the second statue, I will probably have enough parts to come up with some useful combinations.

I have statues set to be rather rare, but it is likely I’ve come very close to others. If they’re buried, you’ll only notice they’re there if their combination does something obvious on the surface. Most will probably not.

Project Zulu by Crudedragos: The centipede is a rather beautiful piece of work. It must have snuck on over from the forest biome while I was fumbling over what I was going to say.

Wild Caves : The glowing blue mushrooms I encountered were added by Wild Caves. They’re a rare early source of glowstone dust in the Overworld.

4 comments to Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 36 : Household God Hunt I

  • JB

    How did you triangulate the gods position?

  • Squishy

    So you need to learn more spells, make more bees, make more trees, find more gods, make more machines, breed more animals and eventually (from your last series) make Castle Greyskull.

    Did I miss anything?

    I had not heard of a lot of these mods before so there is a lot of new stuff for me to enjoy in watching your videos.

    • I’m not using the Skeletor skin this time. I did briefly consider doing the series in-character as Skeletor, but I don’t think my vocal chords would have lasted the week.

      My todo list is epic, and getting bigger by the day!