Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 46 : Taigore Trumps Taiga Troubles

Returning from a brief hiatus, I am filled with the desire to expand my horizons. Packing my best sword, I head off into the Taiga west of my home. Until now, I’ve only explored the edges, while looking for bees, and setting up some hives. What other mysteries must it hold?

Mods Encountered

Taigore’s Inventory Saver 3: Astonishingly, I think that might have been my first on screen death. I can assure you there have been plenty of off-screen ones. So it is that this is the first time I’ve had a chance to demonstrate Taigore’s Inventory Saver. It is a great boon for anyone who finds the idea of all their vital stuff despawning after 5 minutes to be an unimaginable horror.

It might not be too awful in vanilla, I suppose, but losing my spellbook, my thaumic goggles, and all my backpacks would be overly punitive.

Extra Biomes XL 3.13.4 : The giant oak tree I was using as a landmark is a rare addition from Extra Biomes XL. Would probably make a very nice spot for a tree house.

Goblins 4.2 by Sartharis : Grrrrrr, GOBLINS!!! They’re a menace to Minecraftia, and shall feel my just wrath. Though possibly not quite yet. While I handled the small patrol camp in the desert easily enough, goblin villages are a very different kettle of fiends.

We got a glimpse of a colourful totem pole within the village. Those are unique blocks that can be used for some special recipes.

7 comments to Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 46 : Taigore Trumps Taiga Troubles

  • Dulciphi

    What you said about Thaumcraft and Ars Magica at the end there was interesting. Is there something I should be reading to learn more?

    Good to see you back, btw. :) I was having withdrawals.

    • They’re both undergoing massive revamps. Not quite beyond recognition, but I think it’s going to be an adventure converting my world. Nothing that can be done to prepare, really. Will just have to take the cataclysm on the chin!

      Sometimes my kidneys decide to stop working, especially towards the end of my treatment cycle. Fear not, I have no plans to stop making videos! I have fun making them. I’ll just sometimes not be very noisy for a few days.

  • Squishy

    The goblin village looked like it was made of wood. Could you lob a fireball at it and just burn it down?

    Welcome back!

    • I was considering the careful application of my firebolt spell. But I don’t know if I I want to burn the place down. I think I have a plan that will work… :D

  • Dulciphi

    :O well that puts things like a virtual goat eating a virtual apiary in perspective. I may still cry over my apiary’s demise, mind you.. but I did check my license to see if my donor status is current. Organ donor check boxes.. “Make “thinking of others” a set and forget option.” :( I dunno what to say.

    • Being on the organ donor list is a splendid thing indeed. Though to be clear, I’m not at the point where I’m on the list to get one. Things get unpleasant, for sure, but not life-threatening as yet.

  • Eli

    Well, I managed to get a whole lot of Thaumcraft research done.

    …I also found a use for all of my proven grafters.

    …I had gone on a buying spree of those…