Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 49 : Thermal Expansion Pulverizers

Coal is a wonderful substance, but there comes a time when we must move on from such primitive fuels. Thermal Expansion has Buildcraft energy powered versions of the furnace and crusher, as well as many others.

I only have the materials to make the pulverizer today, but that’ll halve my coal requirements on its own.

I won’t be giving up coal entirely, as regular furnaces and crushers are perfect for whenever I’m setting up a fresh outpost and need to get things up and running right away. Much as I’ll need to be doing in Episode 50 when I take my first journey to a Mystcraft Age.

Mods Encountered

Thermal Expansion : Thermal Expansion has a whole heap of different machines I’ll put together eventually, but I’m getting distressingly low on resources.

Buildcraft 3.7.1 maintained by CovertJaguar: The Redstone engines and pipes are part of Buildcraft. My base becomes ever more tangled with pipework. There *are* ways I might use to cut down on that (Such as Thermal Expansion’s teleporting tesseracts), but those are rather more advanced techniques.

Mystcraft 0.10.5 by XCompWiz: The Z-fighting on the linkbook stand had been annoying me for a while. I’m glad the lecterns don’t seem to suffer from the same problem.

Ars Magica 5.52.014 by Mithion: Summon Rift is a terribly useful spell. The amount of storage depends upon the power level you cast the spell at. It lets me carry a good amount of occasionally useful gear with me, though it would be a bit awkward if I lost my spellbook until I could make a new one.

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  • An example setup for a pulverizer that doesn’t need pipes or engines can be found in the website link.

    Orange is on the right side, blue on top. Assuming you want it to only work when it has a redstone signal, you could put the lever on the floor in front of it, or you could shift the input hopper/chest so that the hopper was feeding from the left or right side and your lever was still on top. Simply making the chest you wanted the dusts going into a double-chest would allow you to forgo the need for a pipe on the output. I hope this was helpful.

  • Eli

    I believe that there is a More Backpacks mod for forestry. If you feel like you could use the extra inventory space, it’s well worth it.

    Also, do you have an Iceman’s backpack or and a silk touch pickaxe? Because snow is a great source of water.

    • I tested More Backpacks a while back. It had some absolutely hideous bugs that could result in loss of items. It’ll take a long time before I trust it.

      I don’t understand why you think I need water.

  • Dulciphi

    Hello Mr Arkenor, just a completely off topic question here, but I’ve just intro’d a friend to your vids and pack of mods. He’s just enchanted a sword in game and ended up with “Sturdy III” on it. I was wondering if you might know what that enchantment’s from so I can look it up? I haven’t been able to find info about it anywhere.

    Seems you’ve just earned another fan of your vids, too. :) It’s good to hear someone else enjoying them as much as I do.

    • Hurrah!! Subscribers are increasing at a distressingly low rate, so I’m glad to hear there’s another!

      Sturdy comes from Lion King. I’ve not found exactly what it does, but it sounds like it might boost the durability.

  • Dulciphi

    Thank you! :)

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