EU Test Server launches!


In preparation for patch 1.1.0 we’ve now opened the European Test Server, Shifting Isles. This server runs on a Core rule set and while it’s in English, players from any language community are welcome to join the server.

To participate in the testing process either create a new character on the Test Server or copy an existing character from the Live servers to the Test Server.

To copy a character. follow these simple steps:
Go to the “My Account” page
Click the “Character Server Copy” button at the end of the page
Select the character you want to copy
If the name already exist on the test server you will be prompted to change it

Note that only rank 10+ characters can be copied to the test server.

To connect to the test server launch testpatch.exe from your WAR install folder. Note that you don’t need two separate installs. Warpatch.exe will keep connecting you to the 1.0.6 Live servers.

Naturally, any progress you make with a character on the Test Server will not carry over to your original character on the Live servers and vice versa.

Please remember that the version of the game running on the Test Server is a beta version of an upcoming patch and therefore everything is subject to change.

See you on the Shifting Isles!

The character copying page seems to be up and running, so I’ve sent Osgard over to perform some investigations! See you there!

1 comment to EU Test Server launches!

  • some interesting stuff coming, some stuff that should of been in at the start and some that im going to argue against in their current implementations.
    ill look forward to see others views on it