Mythic is not impressed.

Stolen shamelessly from Lum, Mythic’s CEO has stated his opposition to Station Exchange type antics. Over at

Some highlights:

I think that not only supporting the sale of in-game characters, items and currency, but also taking a ‘cut’ of those sales, is not only a mistake but one of the worst decisions in the history of the MMORPG industry

Mythic Entertainment has turned down a number of opportunities to participate in such ventures, both with the companies that auction these goods, as well as doing it on our own. We remain committed to keeping our games as games and not as opportunities to encourage behavior that runs counter to their spirit of creativity and entertainment. We have no plans to participate in this type of service. We will gladly ‘leave money on the table’ to ensure that whether or not you like our games, that they remain as that, games and not an entertainment version of day-trading

A quick plug, as they deserve it after that! Mythic’s Dark Ages of Camelot, is quite a good game, though I haven’t played it in a while. Certainly, if you’re not wanting to stick around with SOEbay, and want something to do while waiting for Vangard, it might be worth your time checking it out.

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  • Ark

    After writing that I went rummaging for my disks, only to find out I’ve completely forgotten both my username and password.