How is the economy affecting you?

Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, has warned of a tough 2008, saying it expects hard-up US consumers to buy fewer lattes and espressos.


Many people are beginning to consider a 4 dollar coffee an unnecessary luxury. Food costs are up. Fuel is soaring. Mortgages, lets just not talk about. It seems that as a society many of us have reached our credit limits, and often our breaking points, and are looking for ways to cut back our expenditure. This is particularly difficult with the holidays coming up, and I’m sure a lot of folks, like me, are going to have to keep a tight grip on their budgets.

To get some sort of handle on how people are feeling out there, please take part in my exceptionally unscientific poll. Don’t worry, it’s totally anonymous, but if you have anything extra to add about the situation in your neighbourhood, I’d be very interested to read it in the comments.

Update: Iwas using a free poll from Bravenet, and it seems it was causing annoying popup ads, which was certainly not the goal. This one is a WordPress plugin, so should behave itself. I transferred the previous votes, so need to vote again.