In which Arkenor does some roofing, and sings a bit.

A little bit of something I wrote years ago, for a collaborative fantasy fiction site, long gone now. In this, Arkenor (and the other writers of the site) have been transported to a strangely deserted town on an unknown world, and no obvious way to leave. Ark decides to make the best of it, and has picked himself out a home.:


The Battle of Trinsic

This is an old old thing I wrote in the early days of UO. It’s a write-up of an ingame event I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for!

A rambling (and true!) account by Arkenor of Britain.

I had awakened early that morn. My arcane studies had been halted by the lack of reagents in the shops I frequent. This no doubt due to the bacon-fed coves who purchase in bulk […]