PotBS Test Server Patch Notes 1.4.25

Some very encouraging things in this latest test server build. It is only the first test build, and we know there is another on the way, so don’t be surprised if something you were expecting isn’t in here.

I’m personally very excited about the new unrest system, which will help return us non-PvPing RvRers to relevance. Freetraders also get a couple of rather tasty sounding new ships. All careers gain new skills, which will give us more options, though it […]

Pirates of the Burning Sea’s greatest problem

I was asked to write, for the Boarding Party, what I considered the greatest problem with Pirates of the Burning Sea to be. This is what I wrote:

I play on the Roberts server, and I run my Nation’s forum, and coincidently am the chairman of the British Council of Guilds. I’m a talky type player, and as a result of these things I know a large proportion of our population.

I don’t know what your stats show, but I […]