Weird site behaviour, and Firefox.

I’ve had a couple of emails about the site looking a bit strange since I switched to the new theme.

The sidebars on the right are *supposed* to be next to eachother. In certain circumstances Internet Explorer likes to stack them instead. Harmless enough, though it can make the page rather longer than it needs to be. IE also has the text input box for the comment recaptcha device slightly shifted over. Don’t worry, it might look a bit disturbing, but it still works! These days, it’s rather difficult to get a complex site to look identical in all search engines. Well, unless you’re a php wizard, which I am most certainly not.

Anyhows, the long and short of it is that this site works best in Firefox, though I do try to keep it neat looking in all browsers. It’s also the browser I use myself mostly, as it has the exceptionally useful firebug plugin, which makes debugging web pages massively more simple than it used to be.

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