In which Warhammer Online kindly bribes me to return, and I accept.

I received a jolly email from Warhammer Online today!

Warhammer Online Reactivation Reward for Returning Players

Ooh, I love free stuff, so this sort of stunt always works on me. I dug out my installation disks, and set to work!

My first shock was that Burlok has completely gone. It ‘s not even hidden, to be revealed by hitting the “more” button. It just ain’t there any more. Luckily, my characters still exist in some sort of netherworld, so I was able to transfer them to Karak-Norn, where I have been led to believe most Burlokians headed. Looked like the server needs a few more Order anyway, so off I went!

Colwyn’s name was taken on Karak-Norn, but I was allowed to rename him to Colwynn, so in I went! Colwyn was my cultivator, the fellow mostly responsible for my cultivating guide, so the very first thing that I noticed was that the names of the seeds have changed. That’s going to complicate things, and I guess I’ll have to redo it. I’ll have a rummage through the last few month’s patch notes to see what they have wrought. The other thing that I noticed was that his bank is still full to bursting with seeds, watering cans, and soil. I had hoped there would have been a bit more space in there by now! Aha, but we do now have extra inventory slots for crafting ingredients. 40 of them for Osgard, which will come in quite useful.

Mind you, I feel a bit lost as a level 34 Engineer. I’ve forgotten what half the buttons do, and am having trouble walking around. In any case, Osgard missed a lot of the low level changes that came in after launch, such as the addition of RvR influence, so I’m going to start a new engineer to relearn the ropes, and get the full WAR experience from level 1.

Over the next 10 days, and perhaps beyond, if I am sufficiently impressed, I’ll post about what has changed in the Old World, and whether WAR has improved enough to be worth a second look.

In other news: In a spooky display of timing, Funcom sent me an email a couple of hours after GOA did, asking me to come back to Age of Conan, and offering me 2 free weeks of play.

Did you know that once you reach level 50 with any character on your account, you automatically get access to a new level 50 character with a class of your choice? Perfect for trying out a new class! That is just one more reason to log into Age of Conan today and continue leveling Alfric. Once you reach level 50, you can activate your new instant level 50 character through the character creation system. This is a one time per account offer.

I shuddered slightly, then deleted the email.

Age of Conan Update Notes for 19th of August

A pretty big update, this time around, though it has been a few week since the last one. Lots of tweakage to the playfields, and a healthy dollop of voice-overs for certain quests. I’m one of those who actually reads quests and listens to voice-overs, so this is the sort of addition I really like.

Ah yes, and maker’s marks have been added to crafted items! This is a feature that every crafter desires, and one that shows at least some regard for the crafting playstyle creeping in.

And, oops, aye. I’m late with this. Confession: I’ve mostly been playing EQ2, after being tricked back there by the Living Legacy programme, and finding it far more fun, even third time around, than I’ve been having in AoC.

The update notes for Age of Conan’s 19th of August patch continue below. Just hit the link below if you’re not on this posts specific page.

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Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 31st of July

The player city resource zone revamp has arrived, with a variety of camps springing up throughout the areas. I’m looking forward to seeing whether the changes, ostensibly to provide alchemists somewhere to gather resources for their crafts, will liven up the Lacheish Plains a little bit.

Bind on Equip and Bind on Pickup have been added to loot. It’s funny how many games seem to think they can do without this, and then add it some time after release (as in the case of Everquest 2, for starters) , to a chorus of condemnation. While it’s inconvenient, I generally approve of anything that helps the ingame economy, as these flags assuredly do. Without bind on equip, items just get handmedowned indefinitely, making it almost impossible for crafters to prosper. I’m not so keen on bind on pickup though, so will have to wait to see where each was used.

The Patch Notes of the Age of Conan 31st of July Update are below. (Hit the “Keep Reading” link if you’re on the front page)

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Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 17th of July

I’m quite excited about this one, for several reasons.

Finally architects will have their deeds returned to them after showing them to the trainer. As each tier 1 deed costs 125 silver to make, having to make an entire set just to advance was incredibly expensive for small guilds. Although I’ll have to go back and make some deeds I already used, it’s still going to reduce our costs massively.

The first of the player city improvements have arrived. Although we don’t have enough buildings in our own city to really show much difference, within our temple has appeared a trainer who can reset our feats, making the place at least feel slightly occupied, and potentially useful. Like the siege merchant, and the trader, she spawns lodged in the floor, which is a bit of a problem. As I’ve said many times to newbie Morrowind modders, “Always spawn the floor first!!!!”.

The poor lady will eventually dig herself out.

Not had a chance to check out the new caravan routes for quick travel that have appeared. I’m hoping there is one that goes to the Fields of the Dead, as having to hike across Conall’s Valley was getting on my nerves!!! I guess that’s odd considering I used to be happy to spend hours getting from Ak’anon to Qeynos, but that was a very different style of game, and perhaps my patience has diminished with age. I’ll be out looking for one of the Totems of Origin soon as I have some sort of idea where to find one.

Update: Turns out we might be the lucky ones, not having enough city buildings to get many NPCs. Reports are coming in of elite player city guards going *crazy*, rampaging through the streets slaying their betters. Beware!!!

The Patch Notes for the Age of Conan 17th of July Update continue below:

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Combined Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 10th of July

This is first patch to have spent some time on the Testlive server before being released. Due to this, hopefully from hereon in there will be an increased level of stability in the updates.

Update: Another set of update notes came out later in the day, consisting of items that were missed from the first notes. For ease of use, I have consolidated the two sets.

One socially important change is that interfering in other people’s fights will reduce the amount of xp that they receive. You should not interfere unless asked. It would be useful if a “yell for help” button were to be implemented, to make it clear when help is desired, as folks rarely have time to type requests during a losing fight.

Age of Conan patch notes for the 10th of July continue below:

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Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 2nd of July

A small patch with no new content. I’m intrigued to see that they plugged holes in the walls of the player cities in the resource zone. Currently such cities are not attackable, to my knowledge, with sieges being restricted to the Border Kingdoms, so why need to worry about their walls? I wonder what they’re planning with the PvP update that’s coming up.

I’m actually too busy to play at the moment, but will be back in action from tomorrow. Libraries don’t build themselves!

Player Classes


* Tome of Erlik now has effects and sounds.
* Purge now has sound and particle effects associated with it and should now go on the appropriate cooldown. Purge now provides 5 seconds of immunity in addition to removal of effects.
* Misdirection now has received a better visual and should no longer look like a lightning strike.
* Weakened Protection will no longer refresh itself after the player cancels his own Absorb buff.


* Mountaineer, Distraction, and Concealment effects are now innate in the feat and will not take up space in the Rogue’s buff window. They will still provide a buff to the Rogue’s teammates.
* Distraction will now properly apply to the Rogue’s teammates.

Bear Shaman

* Reaper Claws will no longer disappear when you zone.


* Feint Attack combo animation speed will now scale correctly for both male and female. Now the male and female should do equal damage.


* The splash damage of the Deathless Acolyte: Magus has been increased from 10% to 30%, with 4 meter range and a maximum of 5 targets
* The Deathless Acolyte: Reaper and Deathless Acolyte: Arcanist now have 30% splash damage with 2 meter range on a single additional target
* The Deathless Acolyte: Arcanist’s chance to trigger the Arcanist’s Knowledge has been doubled
* The Arcanist’s Knowledge effect will now display the current stack count in the buff GUI
* Casting Frost Blast will no longer cause the Necromancer to get stuck in a casting animation
* Flash Freeze now additionally decreases the casting time and increases the damage of Freeze
* Freeze will now clear the target of all Necromancer damage-over-time effects when cast, this will reduce the chance of it breaking accidentally on damage
* Ice Shackle no longer has a chance to break on damage
* The debuff effect applied by Wither Soul should now have the appropriate icon


* Thrown weapons have had their range increased: Light throwing weapons now have a range of 15 meters, up from 12. Heavy throwing weapons now have a range of 18 meters, up from 16.
* Generic NPC crowd control effects have been tweaked. Resistances from feats and other player effects should now help against NPC crowd control. Stun, knockback, charm, and fear will now grant the player immunity.

Massive PvP

* Battlekeeps now have resurrection points for the attackers, that are located near the front gate of the city.
* Fixed an issue that disabled Siege Weapons if the target was out of range.
* NPC’s will properly respawn when a building is repaired.
* Players are now able to use a siege weapon after the player using it has gone linkdead.
* Players now get a notification when they are about to get teleported out during a Massive PvP battle.
* Damaged playerbuilt curved walls now have correct collision so they can not be walked through before they are completely destroyed.
* Lacheish Plains: Several holes have been closed in the West Battlekeep so players can no longer bypass the walls there.
* Poitain: Several holes have been closed in the West, South and East Battlekeeps so players can no longer bypass the walls there.


* Moving around while mounted should now correctly interrupt spell-casting.


* Fixed a tooltip error on the crossbow Skysmite causing the bonuses to be illegible.
* The recipe for Steelsilk Belt has been changed to Fine Steelsilk Belt.
* The recipe for Steelsilk Leggings has been changed to Fine Steelsilk Leggings.
* Selling a gemmed item to a shop and undoing the sale will no longer remove the gems.


Armsmans Arena

* Doors should no longer be targetable in the Arena.
* Fixed an issue where players managed to get locked inside the monster cages in the Arena. You should now be able to get out using the Lever.

Lacheish Plains

* all the levers for each door in Stonehammer battlekeep should now work properly.


* A progress bar will appear whenever gemcutting is performed.
* Crafted armor pieces no longer incorrectly have more defense rating than normal pieces of armor.
* Resolved a level check for the response to give when character is below level 70 and tries to learn gathering Oak.
* The Weaponsmith workshop plan can now be correctly learned from the Architect trainer.
* Blue Iron can again be mined from the correct mineral veins.


* Stonecutter Trainer: Fixed a dialogue issue so the trainer will now accept Basalt and Adamant to resolve the quest.
* Cannibal Commotion: Fixed an issue where Attadeus would become stuck and not allow you to update the quest.
* The Bearer of Ill Tidings: The Field of the Dead quest “The Bearer of Ill Tidings” and “Allies of the White Hand” are now level 48.
* The Den of Wolves: The goal name was changed from “The Den of Wolves” to “Kill Plains Wolves”.
* The Wolf Hunt: The goal name was changed from “The Wolf Hunt” to “Kill Yukagi Wolves”.
* Death to the Undead: The goal name was changed from “Death to the Undead” to “Destroy Conriocht werewolves in the Haunted Forest”.
* Greater Prey: The goal name was changed from “Greater Prey” to “Kill werewolf Rippers, Antagonizer, Slasher and Slicers”.
* The Curse of the Werewolves: The goal name was changed from “The Curse of the Werewolves” to “Kill Conriocht Menaces, Slayers and Goremuzzles”.
* Fit for a Chieftain: You will now correctly receives the item ‘Fur of Bloodclaw’ in the quest inventory.
* Attack of the Savages: An issue where the goal text was not clear has been changed to “Kill Raiders at the Guard Post”.
* Castle of King Conan: Pallantides now doesn’t display an exclamation mark over his head unless you can get the quest from him.
* Tortage: Renton should now have one coherent look as opposed to changing look between quests.
* Paetus & the Nemedian Crown III: Gavion now gives the player the map and letter back when he ask the player to go talk to King Conan about this treason. Players will need to delete their old quest “Paetus & the Nemedian Crown III” and speak with Gavion again to continue this quest line.
* Lusts of the Flesh: You now get a cask of Tainted Ale to give to Tuthmekri. Players who want to finish this quest will have to delete it from their quest journal and get it again.
* Master of the Silver Peacock: Vistrix now finaly gives in and surrender his teeth on defeat. You are now able to complete this quest, and thereby advance to The Black Ring Citadel.
* Alchemy quests: The dialogues with the Alchemy trainer should now all work correctly and give and complete the needed quests.
* Common Gems II – Return to the Gemcutter: The quest can now be completed by handing over the needed gems to the trainer.
* Tear 2 gathering quest – Return the Illustrium: The quest can now be completed by handing over the illustrium to the trainer.
* Woodcutter quest: Players will now be able to get the ‘Gathering Oak’ quest when having the correct level.


* Tarantia Noble: Zhu-Khang no longer has flickering clothing.
* Armsman’s Tavern: Sarissa’s upper chest should no longer go through her dress.
* Tortage Jungle: Poacher Marksman should no longer shoot invisible arrows at players.
* Eiglophian Mountains: Added two vendors to the Mountain Hunting Lodge.
* Conall’s Valley: The Gravesinger now has an improved look that fits more with the description of him.
* Conalls Valley: Supply Master Vorgir has been given a slight makeover and should look better now.
* Tortage Underhalls Day: NPCs will now respawn slightly quicker than before.
* Lacheish Plains: Tiggle Knucklebone has been removed from the playfield to stop players from confusing him as a Trader.
* NPCs will no longer inappropriately recieve player buffs such as Lotus Overload, Blood Pit, Embrace Death, Overpower, and Pact of Dread.
* Vendor bought resources have been reduced in price.
* Sanctum of the Burning Souls: It is now possible to spawn the Dark Beast boss just by interacting with the Sacrificial Altar while holding a Ritual Chalice. The specific quest requirement has been removed.


* French: Many of dialogues that were still in English have been translated.
* all languages: All Feats, Special Abilities, Skills, Spells and Combos have been reviewed are now fully and consistently translated.


* Updated/improved descriptions of following abilities/feats/combos: >From the Darkness, Overpower, Blood Rage Stance, Secondary Laceration, Crippling Bloodbath (Crippling Bloody Hack), Improved Inspire, Focus, Burning Vigor, Covenant of Invulnerability III,
Focus, “Secondary Laceration” changed to “Conquest”
* Players will now be able to exit Dance state while in combat.

Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 26th of June

This latest update has caused the servers to become a bit unstable. The new Alchemist’s Cache item appears to have been responsible, and has been deactivated, but the server instability is persisting. The issue is being worked on.

The Update notes for the 26th of June continue below:

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