Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 50 : Mystcraft Adventures!

Episode 50! Such a milestone episode deserves a true adventure, and so I finish off my Mystcraft infrastructure, and head off into the infinite universe. What mysteries shall I uncover? What precious materials shall I find?

Mods Encountered

Mystcraft 0.10.5 by XCompWiz: Wow, what an adventure. I came close to dying multiple times, but somehow made it through.

This Mystcraft Age has tendrils of Nether Quartz, making it incredibly useful to me. While the land was certainly dangerous, it’s probably safer than the Nether. I also spotted many other surface ores that I shall have to gather up.

For a random age, it seems relatively stable so far. The atmosphere is mildly toxic, hitting me with debuffs, but nothing too serious. The constant lightning is probably also a symptom of instability, though some of it may be the work of some of Juton’s near relatives.

I probably won’t try to make a home in Dimension 2, but it will certainly be worthy of further exploration, and resource gathering expeditions.

Biomes O’ Plenty 0.5.5 : The Dead Forest biome is from BOP. The Forest Hills biome I spawned in is a Vanilla technical biome. Ordinarily it would just be found as a part of a larger forest biome, but in a Mystcraft Age it can be a full biome on its own. I was confusing it with Extra Biomes XL’s Forested Hills, partially because I was thrown by the presence of the Quarried Stone, which looked like a material added to a custom biome. However…

Railcraft by CovertJaguar : Turns out that Quarried Stone I found is from Railcraft. It smelts into Quarried Blocks.

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