Arkenor’s Guide to Warhammer Online Cultivating and Apothecary

This is a work in progress. If you have any questions not yet covered, please use the comment box at the bottom, and I’ll try to answer them. This page was initially conceived as a guide for my guild to enable them to know which seeds to keep, and which to sell. It’s grown a little bit since then, in size and intent, and I’m jolly chuffed to say that it’s become quite popular :)

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General Crafting Info

Your character can have one harvesting skill, picked from Butchery, Scavenging, Cultivation, and Salvaging. In addition you can have one crafting skill, picked from either Talisman-making, or Apothecary.

You will find trainers for all these skills in the quest-hub you visit during Chapter 2. If you decide you picked the wrong skill to train, you are able to change your selection at the trainer for the skill you want to change to. Of course, this removes your old choice, and any skill points you’d gained in it would be lost.

Basic ingredients can be bought from your trainer. The same goods are available from merchants across the land, including a very handy one in Altdorf’s market square. As you improve, extra ingredients may become available for purchase. Remember, crafting items will only appear on the merchants if you have the right craft, and are highly skilled enough to use them.

It is also said that there are crafting merchants within the guild taverns that sell items that cannot be purchased anywhere else. To get at these, your city needs to be at least level 2, and your guild needs to be level 6. When I finally get to stick my head in there, I’ll report back.

Cultivation and Apothecary

Technically Cultivation is a harvesting profession, rather than a craft, but it feels a whole lot like a craft to me, so I’ll be referring to it as such from hereon in.

For both crafts, it’s all pretty simple. Pick your main ingredient (the seed, or the potion ingredient that determines the effect), and then use whatever supporting ingredients you have to hand. You can get buy basic ones, and you will find better ones later. To begin with for apothecary use 2 cloudy water, to ensure you get a stable concoction. You will later be able to buy better bottles which have enough inherent stability that you only need to use one cloudy water for tier 1 potions.

In my so far somewhat limited experience, the ingredients that boost potions are of dubious worth at low levels. The skill 1 white items that increase doses or effect seem to do nothing. They do start working once you get to the skill 25 greens though, but are best saved for use in combination with rare primary ingredients, or forn your very favourite potions..

Skill Raising: To begin with, you’ll get a skill increase almost every time with skill 1 ingredients, but that will slow down as your own skill rises. To get beyond 50, you’ll need to start using skill 25 ingredients, and eventually move on into the tier 2 ingredients. Simply, the higher level the ingredients, the better your chance of improving your skill.

You will unlock an extra cultivating lot at 51 skill, which does wonders to speed up this rather slow craft. You’ll get another at 101 skill. You may need to log out, and come back in, in order to see your new gardening plot.

These are all the seeds I have found thus far. I am sure there are others out there. Every successive level of a seed (1 white, 25 green, 50 white and so forth) will create a better potion than the previous level.

The rare seeds can be occasionally be looted, and can also result from a lucky cultivation of their commoner counterpart. The rare plant will produce a more powerful potion than the common plant. The actual result varies, so all I can really do is tell you what ability the potion will have, with the duration and strength subject to luck, skill, and whatever additional ingredients you use.

In the list below, the first item is the seed, along with cultivation skill required, followed by the result of cultivating, and the apothecary skill required to make use of it. When I state a seed is rare, it is either because I have received it from a special event cultivation of its commoner version, or because it is looted so much more rarely than the other.

Rare plants do seem to make better potions, and also rare seeds seem to far more often give you the seed back in addition to the plant when cultivated. This is all at the whim of the random number generator, so your results may vary. (In a few rare instances, the plant resulting from a rare seed states that it is “uncommon” in its description. I have stated where that is the case. Strangely, only the fungi seem marked up in this helpful way.)

Seeds and Plants

Goldweed are a bit of a law unto themselves so far as tiers go, so I’ll do them first. As of patch 1.02, Goldweed is no longer used to make gold essences, and it looks like the skill levels may have been normalised. Instead, it will be a potion stabiliser. Gold Dust is no longer an apothecary ingredient, and should be passed along to your favourite talisman maker.

Prickly Goldweed Seed (1 White Shop): Prickly Goldweed: (1 White Shop): Concoction Stabiliser
Glinting Goldweed Seed (15 White): Glinting Goldweed (25 White): Concoction Stabiliser
Spiny Goldweed Seed (25 White): Spiny Goldweed (50 White): Concoction Stabiliser
Glimmering Goldweed Seed (50 White): Glimmering Goldweed (50 Green): Concoction Stabiliser
Thorny Goldweed Seed (75 White): Thorny Goldweed (75 White): Concoction Stabiliser
Gleaming Goldweed Seed (100 White): Gleaming Goldweed (100 Green): Concoction Stabiliser

Tier 1

These make a one shot fiery AOE cone attack. Somewhat useful in RvR.
Smoking Ashberry Seed (1 White): Smoking Ashberry (1 White): Flaming Breath concoctions
Sallow Ashberry Seed (1 White Rare): Sallow Ashberry(1 White): Flaming Breath concoctions
Charred Ashberry Seed (25 Green): Charred Ashberry (25 Green): Flaming Breath concoctions
Waxen Ashberry Seed (25 Green Rare): Waxen Ashberry (25 Green): Flaming Breath concoctions

Wispy Beardweed Seed(1 White Shop):Wispy Beardweed (1 White) Strength Concoctions
Crimson Beardweed Seed (1 White Rare): Crimson Beardweed (1 White): Strength Concoctions
Brittle Beardweed Seed (25 Green) Brittle Beardweed(25 Green): Strength Concoctions
Rosy Beardweed Seed (25 Green Rare): Rosy Beardweed (25 Green) Strength Concoctions

These restore Action Points.
Swaying Dandedragon Seed (1 White): Swaying Dandedragon (1 White): Energy concoction
Willowy Dandedragon Seed(1 White Rare): Willowy Dandedragon (1 White): Energy Concoction
Capering Dandedragon Seed (25 Green): Capering Dandedragon (25 Green): Energy concoction
Gossamer Dandedragon Seed (25 Green Rare): Gossamer Dandedragon (25 Green Rare): Energy Concoction

Elvish Parsley
Healing Concoctions are instant healing. Restoration concoctions are healing over time. Healing ones seem to bind to the creator, whereas restoration ones are tradeable. This may not be the case for all possible crafted healing potions, but seems to be for the commoner permutations.
Musty Elvish Parsley Seed(1 White Shop):Musty Elvish Parsley (1 White): Restoration Concoctions
Short-Stemmed Elvish Parsley Seed(1 White Quest): Musty Elvish Parsley (1 White), and seems to always give you the seed back.
Trenchant Elvish Parsley Seed (1 White Rare): Trenchant Elvish Parsley (1 White): Healing Concoction
Bitter Elvish Parsley Seed(25 Green): Bitter Elvish Parsley: Restoration Concoction
Probing Elvish Parsley Seed (25 Green): Probing Elvish Parsley (25 Green): Healing Concoctions

Dusty Fusk Spore(1 White Shop):Dusty Fusk (1 White) : increase number of concoctions made
Mottled Fusk Spore (1 White Rare): Mottled Fusk (1 White “uncommon”): increase number of concoctions made
Sandy Fusk spore (25 Green): Sandy Fusk (25 Green): increase number of concoctions made
Dappled Fusk Spore (25 Green): Dappled Fusk (25 Green “uncommon”): increase number of concoctions made

Callous Gobswort Spore(1 White Shop):Callous Gobswort (1 White) makes concoction effects last longer
Scabrous Gobswort Spore(25 Green):Scabrous Gobswort (25 Green): makes concoction effects last longer
Blue-specked Gobswort Spore (1 White Rare):Blue-Specked gobswort (1 White “Uncommon”) makes concoction effects last longer
Grey-specked Gobswort Spore (25 Green Rare):Grey-Specked gobswort (25 Green “Uncommon”) makes concoction effects last longer

Gravelnuts are an anomaly. The plant states that it makes corporeal resistance potions, but in fact it seems to make toughness ones.
Pebbled Gravelnuts Seed(1 White):Pebbled Gravelnuts(1 White): Toughness Concoctions
Jagged Gravelnut Seed (25 Green):Jagged Gravelnuts (25 Green): Toughness Concoctions

Petulant Grumpleaf Seed(1 White): Petulant Grumpleaf (1 White):Willpower concoctions
Pock-Marked Grumpleaf Seed (1 White Rare): Pock-Marked Grumpleaf (1 White) Willpower Concoctions
Frowning Grumpleaf Seed (25 Green): Frowning Grumpleaf (25 Green) : Willpower concoctions
Scarred Grumpleaf Seed (25 Green Rare): Scarred Grumpleaf (25 Green) : Willpower concoctions

Wispy Morrweed Seed(1 White):Wispy Morrweed (1 White): Armour Concoctions
Steepled Morrweed Seed (1 White (Rare)): Steepled Morrweed (1 White)Damage Absorbing Concoction
Brittle Morrweed Seed (25 Green): Brittle Morrweed (25 Green): Armouring Concoctions
Domed Morrweed Seed (25 Green Rare): Domed Morrweed (25 Green): Damage Absorbing Concoctions

Pyre Ivy
These make a one shot single target fire DoT. Again maybe useful in PvP if you run out of action points.
Smoking Pyre Ivy Seed(1 White):Smoking Pyre Ivy (1 White): Fiery Concoctions
Blistering Pyre Ivy Seed(1 Grey Rare):Blistering Pyre Ivy (1 White): Fiery Concoctions
Charred Pyre Ivy Seed (25 Green): Charred Pyre Ivy (25 Green): Fiery Concoctions
Searing Pyre Ivy Seed (25 Green Rare): Searing Pyre Ivy (25 Green): Fiery Concoctions

Green Shorenuts Seed (1 White (Rare?)):Green Shorenuts(1 White): Corporeal Resistance Concoction
Brown Shorenuts Seed (25 Green): Brown Shorenuts (25 Green): Corporeal Resistance Concoction

Motley Smedleycap Spore(1 White Shop):Motley Smedleycap(1 White): Intelligence Concoctions
Spore-Laden Smedleycap Spore (1 White Rare): Spore-Laden Smedleycap (1 White): Inteligence Concoctions
Blotchy Smedleycap spore (25 Green): Blotchy Smedleycap (25 Green): Intelligence Concoctions

Thief’s Nettle
“Accuracy” concoctions in fact increase ballistic skill.
Woolly Thief’s Nettle Seed(1 White Shop): Woolly Thief’s Nettle (1 White): Accuracy Concoctions
Short-Haired Thief’s Nettle Seed (1 White Rare): Short-Haired Thief’s Nettle(1 white): Accuracy concoction
Wiry Thief’s Nettle Seed (25 Green): Wiry Thief’s Nettle (25 Green): Accuracy Concoction
Long-Haired Thief’s Nettle Seed (25 Green Rare): Long-Haired Thief’s Nettle: Accuracy Concoction

Tier 2

Arching Blackstipe Seed (50 White): Arching Blackstipe (50 White): Strength Concoctions
Curling Blackstipe Seed (75 Green): Curling Blackstipe (75 Green): Strength Concoctions
Round-Petaled Blackstipe Seed (75 Green Rare): Round-Petaled Blackstipe (75 Green): Strength Concoctions

Mottled Bolete Spore (50 White): Mottled Bolete (50 White): Increases number of potions made
Burgundy Bolete Spore (50 White): Burgundy Bolete (50 White): Increases number of potions made
Scarlet Bolete Spore (75 Green): Scarlet Bolete (75 Green): Increases number of potions made

Dwarfcup are the Rare Elfcup, just to confuse us.
Wiry Elfcup Seed (50 White): Wiry Elfcup (50 White): Willpower Concoctions
Hairy Elfcup Seed (75 Green): Hairy Elfcup (75 Green): Willpower Concoctions
Pock-Marked Dwarfcup Seed (50 White Rare):Pock-Marked Dwarfcup (50 White): Willpower concoctions
Scarred Dwarfcup Seed (75 Green Rare): Scarred Dwarfcup (75 Green): Willpower Concoctions

Grottuk Weed
Grasping Grottuk Weed Seed (50 White): Grasping Grottuk Weed (50 White): Restoration Concoctions
This quested seed is a bit special. You seem to always get the seed back, and there are two different plants you can receive.
Double-Bladed Grottuk Weed Seed (50 White Quest Reward): Grasping Grottuk Weed (50 White): Restoration Concoctions OR Double-Bladed Grottuk Weed (50 White): Healing Concoctions
Drooping Grottuk Weed Seed (75 Green): Drooping Grottuk Weed (75 Green): Restoration Concoctions
Probing Grottuk Weed Seed (75 Green Rare): Probing Grottuk Weed (75 Green): Healing Concoctions

Coarse Merulius Spore (50 White): Coarse Merulius (50 White): Increase potion duration.
Wiry Merulius Spore (75 Green): Wiry Merulius (75 Green): Increase potion duration.

Willowy Peckgrass Seed (50 White): Willowy Peckgrass (50 White): Energy Concoctions
Tufted Peckgrass Seed (50 White): Tufted Peckgrass (50 White): Energy Concoctions
Wispy Peckgrass Seed (75 Green): Wispy Peckgrass (75 Green): Energy Concoctions

Grasping Redvine Seed (50 White): Grasping Redvine (50 White): Flaming Breath Concoctions
Sallow Redvine Seed (50 Green! Rare): Sallow Redvine (50 White): Flaming Breath Concoctions
Clawing Redvine Seed (75 Green): Clawing Redvine (75 Green): Flaming Breath Concoctions
Waxen Redvine Seed (75 Green Rare): Waxen Redvine (75 Green): Flaming Breath Concoctions


Fuzzy Scruntleydown Seed(50 White): Fuzzy Scruntleydown (50 White): Fiery Concoctions
Blistering Scruntleydown Seed(50 White Rare): Blistering Scruntleydown (50 White): Fiery Concoctions
Patchy Scruntleydown Seed (75 Green): Patchy Scruntleydown (75 Green): Fiery Concoctions

Skunk Thistle
Vile Skunk Thistle Seed (50 White): Vile Skunk Thistle (50 White): Armouring Concoctions
Open-Sac Skunk Thistle Seed (50 White Rare): Open-Sac Skunk Thistle: Damage Absorbing Concoctions
Noxious Skunk Thistle Seed (75 Green): Noxious Skunk Thistle (75 Green): Armouring Concoctions
Crowned-Sac Skunk Thistle Seed (75 Green Rare): Crowned-Sac Skunk Thistle: Damage Absorbing Concoctions

Striding Trotweed Seed (50 White): Striding Trotweed (50 White): Corporeal Resistance Concoctions
Green Trotweed Seed (50 White Rare): Green Trotweed (50 White): Corporeal Resistance Concoctions
Cantering Trotweed Seed (75 Green): Cantering Trotweed (75 Green): Corporeal Resistance Concoctions

Scattered Twigbloat Seed (50 White): Scattered Twigbloat (50 White): Accuracy Concoction
Scurfy Twigbloat Seed (75 Green): Scurfy Twigbloat (75 Green): Accuracy Concoction

Rotting Twigfester Spore (50 White): Rotting Twigfester (50 White): Intelligence Concoction
Moldering Twigfester Spore (50 White Rare): Moldering Twigfester (50 White): Intelligence Concoction
Blighted Twigfester Spore (75 Green): Blighted Twigfester (75 Green): Intelligence Concoction
Mortified Twigfester Spore (75 Green): Mortified Twigfester (75 Green): Intelligence Concoction

Tier 3

Black Pea
Warped Black Pea Seed (100 White Quest Reward): Pygmy Black Pea (100 White): Restoration Concoctions
Probing Black Pea Seed (125 Green): Probing Black Pea (125 Green): Healing Concoctions
Dwarf Black Pea Seed (125 Green): Dwarf Black Pea (125 Green): Restoration Concoctions

Rose Blusher Spore (100 White): Rose Blusher (100 White): Increased Concoction Duration
Yellow-Stemmed Rose Blusher Spore (100 White): Yellow-Stemmed Rose Blusher (100 White): Increased Concoction Duration
Carmine Blusher Spore (125 Green): Carmine Blusher (125 Green): Increased Concoction Duration

Rather strangely, planting Canny often results in Spikewort. Also there appears to be two different versions of the Coiled Yellow Canny seeds, which do not stack with eachother, and give different results. Time to break out the bug-spray.
Curling Yellow Canny Seed (100 White): Wavering Spikewort (100 White): Fiery Concoctions
Coiled Yellow Canny Seed (125 Green): Coiled Yellow Canny (125 Green): Flaming Breath Concoctions
Coiled Yellow Canny Seed (125 Green): Whispering Spikewort (125 Green): Fiery Concoctions
Waxen Violet Canny Seed (125 Green Rare): Waxen Violet Canny (125 Green): Flaming Breath Concoctions

Chev’s Needle
Wispy Chev’s Needle Seed (100 White):Wispy Chev’s Needle (100 White): Armouring Concoctions
Smooth-Shelled Chev’s Needle Seed (100 White):Smooth-Shelled Chev’s Needle (100 White): Damage Absorbing Concoctions
Swollen Chev’s Needle Seed (125 Green): Swollen Chev’s Needle (125 Green): Armouring Concoctions

Flea Agaric
Whiskered Flea Agaric Seed (100 White):Whiskered Flea Agaric(100 White): Accuracy Concoction
Stippled Flea Agaric Seed (100 White Rare):Whiskered Flea Agaric(100 White): Accuracy Concoction
Shaggy Flea Agaric Seed (125 Green): Shaggy Flea Agaric (125 Green): Accuracy Concoction
Mottled Flea Agaric Seed (125 Green Rare): Mottled Flea Agaric (125 Green): Accuracy Concoction

Old Man
Old Man’s Mane Seed (100 White): Old Man’s Mane (100 White): Corporeal Resistance Concoctions
Old Man’s Bristles Seed (125 Green): Old Man’s Bristles (125 Green): Corporeal Resistance Concoctions

Pasty Phlegmberry Seed (100 White): Pasty Phlegmberry (100 White): Strength Concoctions
Slimy Phlegmberry Seed (125 Green): Slimy Phlegmberry (125 Green): Strength Concoctions
Willow-Root Phlegmberry Seed (125 Green):

Shadow Fungus
Dusky Shadow Fungus Spore (100 White):Dusky Shadow Fungus (100 White): Increases number of concoctions made
Shaded Shadow Fungus Spore (125 Green): Shaded Shadow Fungus (125 Green): Increases number of concoctions made
Dappled Shadow Fungus Spore (125 Green Rare): Dappled Shadow Fungus (125 Green): Increases number of concoctions made

Willowy Red Sorrel Seed (100 White): Willowy Red Sorrel (100 White): Energy Concoctions
Wiry Sorrel Seed (100 White Rare?): Wiry Sorrel (100 White): Energy Concoctions
Gossamer Red Sorrel Seed (125 Green): Gossamer Red Sorrel (125 Green): Energy Concoctions
Tufted Sorrel Seed (125 Green): Tufted Sorrel (125 Green): Energy Concoctions

Toody’s Hat
Crusted Toody’s Hat Spore (100 White): Crusted Toody’s Hat (100 White): Intelligence Concoctions
High-Cap Toody’s Hat Spore (100 White Rare): High-Cap Toody’s Hat (100 White): Intelligence Concoctions
Caked Toody’s Hat Spore (125 Green)
Low-Cap Toody’s Hat Spore (125 Green Rare): Low-Cap Toody’s Hat (125 Green): Intelligence Concoctions

Ulric’s Tash
Ropy Ulric’s Tash Seed (100 White): Ropy Ulric’s Tash (100 White): Willpower Concoctions
Wiry Ulric’s Tash Seed (125 Green)

Cultivation Side-Effects

Sometimes, instead of just plants and seeds, you get something extra!

Gooey Arboreal Resin (1 White): Makes Concoctions more stable.
Slimy Arboreal Resin (25 Green): Makes Concoctions more stable.
Seeping Arboreal Resin (50 White): Makes Concoctions more stable.
Oozing Arboreal Resin (75 Green): Makes Concoctions more stable.
Thick Arboreal Resin (100 White): Makes Concoctions more stable.

Honeycomb Extract (1 Green): Makes Golden Yellow Dye.
Resinous Brown Extract (11 Green): Makes Scorched Brown Dye
Blue Bottle Fly Extract (21 Green, from a 125 skill Willow-Root Phlegmberry seed): Makes Seaguard Blue Dye

Scavenged Apothecary Ingredients

Most humanoid opponents seem to give a similar range of items when they are scavenged from. There are some types which do have some more specific goodies for the apothecary and cultivator.
At Grimmenhagen Graveyard and elsewhere (I only play Order), you’ll find a veritable grocery of useful potion ingredients.

Brittle Daemon Whiskers (1 White): Willpower Concoctions
Crusted Daemon Whiskers (25 Green): Willpower Concoctions

Thin Skaven Spit (50 White): Intelligence Concoctions
Flowing Skaven Spit (100 White): Intelligence Concoctions

Spites and other little dryad types.
Withered Dryad Husk (1 White): Thorn Damage-Shield Potions
Brittle Dryad Bark (25 Green): Thorn Damage-Shield Potions

Thin Troll Spit (50 White): Healing Concoctions
Flowing Troll Spit (100 White): Healing Concoctions

These are pretty good for soils such as Crusted Peat (9 Grey) and Dry Soil (27 Grey), as well as gold powder. I have also, rarely, gained fungus spores from scavenging zombies.
Rocky Grave Dirt (1 White): Spirit Resistance Concoctions
Dusty Defiled Earth (25 Green): Spirit Resistance Concoctions
Grimy Grave Dirt (50 White): Spirit Resistance Concoctions
Sooty Defiled Earth (75 Green): Spirit Resistance Concoctions

Weathered Yhetee Fur (100 White): Elemental Resistance Concoctions

Butchered Apothecary Ingredients

General Butchered Items
These bits and pieces drop on a wide range of beasties.
Spiny Water Flea (1 White): Energy Concoctions
Barbed Water Flea (25 Green): Energy Concoctions
Redback Wood Flea (100 White): Energy Concoctions

Greenback Tick (1 White): Healing Concoctions
Swollen Greenback Tick (25 Green): Healing Concoctions
Jumping Wood Tick (110 White): Healing Concoctions

Rotting Viscera (18 White): Cultivation Nutrient

Clotted Gore (1 Grey): Cultivation Nutrient
Caked Blood (27 Grey): Cultivation Nutrient

Watery Gall (9 Grey): Cultivation Nutrient
Sallow Gall (36 Grey): Cultivation Nutrient

The Number One Threat to the Old World.
Shattered Bears Tooth (1 White): Strength Concoctions
Carious Bear Tooth (25 Green): Strength Concoctions

Watery Boar Blood (1 White): Increases Potion Duration
Wild Zoic Gore (1 White):Makes concoctions more stable
Primal Zoic Gore (25 Green): Makes concoctions more stable

Cold Ones
Such as the ones in the High Elf newbie zone. I expect other lizards might have the same drops.
Shattered Scale (1 White): Armour Concoctions
Thin Scale (25 Green): Armour Concoctions
Damaged Lizard Tongue (1 White): Fiery Concoctions (one shot single target fire DoT)
Mangled Lizard Tongue (25 Green): Fiery Concoctions (one shot single target fire DoT)


The Burning Mill in Nordland is my main spot to hunt these.
Rotting Daemon Flesh (1 White): Elemental Resistance Potions
Wispy Daemon Wing Fragment (1 White): Damage Absorbing Concoction
Shorn Daemon Pinion (25 Green): Damage Absorbing Concoction
Diluted Daemon Blood (1 White): Fiery Explosion Concoction
Watery Daemon Gore (25 Green): Fiery Explosion Concoction

Weak Spider Venom (1 White): toughness concoctions
Thin Spider Venom (25 Green): Toughness Concoctions
Shattered Chitin Shard (1 White) Armour Concoctions
Brittle Chitin Shard (25 Green): Armour Concoctions
Wild Zoic Gore (1 White):Makes concoctions more stable
Primal Zoic Gore (25 Green): Makes concoctions more stable

The white Squig Bit (like most skill 1 enhancers) seems useless to me, but the green Crumbly Squig Bit has been extremely successful for me in boosting the doses of my potions, and drop fairly often.
Crusty Squig Bits (1 White): Create “larger” concoctions
Crumbly Squig Bits (25 Green): Create “larger” concoctions

Tattered Feather (1 White): Accuracy Concoctions
Mangled Plume (25 Green): Accuracy Concoctions

Weak Wolf Blood(1 White): Restoration Concoction
Thin Wolf Blood (25 Green): Restoration Concoction