Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 43 : Liquid Assets.

A bit of a jumbled mix of things I needed to get done today. I have certain rules about how I do this Let’s Play. One is that I don’t use any cheats, or give myself free stuff. I don’t feel you really come to understand a mod if you just magic all the parts or ingredients into existence.

But the rule that sometimes causes episodes like this is that I can’t do something when I’m not recording, unless I’ve already covered it in the show. And so it is that we have two pipe and liquid episodes in a row, as I really needed to get working on my full tank of oil, and I’d accidentally gone and discovered seed oil without you.

Mods Encountered

Buildcraft maintained by CovertJaguar: The refinery (and indeed the oil wells added to worldgen) is a rather high-end bit of Buildcraft kit. It is a monster of a machine that can devour far more power than I’m capable of producing right now, so it is operating rather slowly. It nevertheless is making fuel far faster than I could possibly use it. Fuel is just that energy-dense.

Using the same pipe for two different liquids is generally a terrible idea, and had I realised that cherries squeeze into seed oil rather than fruit juice I certainly would not have done it! Still, given that seed oil is something I am going to need in abundance, the discovery was well worth a few plumbing problems.

Forestry by Sir Sengir: Discovering that some trees require time for their fruit to ripen was a huge relief. I’m not really ready to be toying with Forestry automated farms just yet, so being able to get the fruit through mere patience and a spot of axing made me quite pleased.

Extra Bees and Extra Trees by Binnie: The Orchard Apple and Common Beech trees are from Extra Trees. It’s all quite seamless, so I had to nip over to his website to check the tree list. I’m not sure if anyone would want spoilers on the necessary tree crosses to get them, but as the in-game tree database that should update when I discover a new tree is not working right now, I don’t actually know. I have found that simply planting a bunch of different trees together has worked pretty well for me so far as getting all-new species is concerned. I shall certainly need to do a little more planning later on.

The Silver Lime – Apple Oak cross was more deliberate, and I picked the best one from a number of different hybrids. Twice the biomass of an apple oak, with at least as many apples, they’re my current biomass fermenting workhorses.

Railcraft by CovertJaguar : Railcraft deserves another mention, seeing as I built an even bigger tank in between episodes. 1600 buckets of fuel should be sufficient storage. If it turns out not to be, you can extend the tank upwards without losing its contents.

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