Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 35 : Forestry Tree-Breeding Basics

Extra Trees came out today, adding 75 more tree species to the Forestry tree-breeding system. This jolts me into finally taking a look at what new trees my bees have cooked up for me.

But first, there’s a spot of business to take care of to the south of my bee-garden.

Mods Encountered

Forestry by Sir Sengir: I’m quite excited to get started on this second strand of Forestry’s Mendelian genetics simulation. For now I’m probably just going to let the trees take care of themselves, and see what I get. Unlike with Bees, I’m not limited by a finite number of Queens, and the need to bring multiple lines up, so it will probably require a lot less fiddling. Not that I don’t love fiddling, but I have my hands full of bees.

Extra Trees 1.7 by Binnie : I didn’t really encounter anything from this mod, but it came out today, and inspired me to get on with things, so it deserves a mention!

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