Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 19

I start off with a quick tutorial on upgrading your Metallurgy Crusher, and make our first alloy, Bronze. Then it’s back off on the great bee hunt. There was a swamp biome near the village, so perhaps I’ll find some Marshy Bees there.

Mods Mentioned

Metallurgy by Rebel Keithy and Shadowclaimer : There are several mods that allow you to turn ore into dusts, and then into alloys. They’re largely compatible with eachother, but Metallurgy’s crusher is the easiest to use when starting out, before you’re able to utilise more complicated energy sources.

For general purposes (tools and armour), bronze is almost as good as iron, but iron is so common you don’t often need a substitute. There’s plenty of times you’ll need bronze for specific recipes and upgrades, and there’s not much else to do with tin anyway. Keep your bronze in dust form until you need it, as there are two other alloys that use bronze as ingredients.

Forestry by Sir Sengir : My collection of Mundane Bees is complete! Forest, Meadows, Wintry, Modest, Tropical, and Marshy are the base from which my Bee Empire shall be born. I’m wary of attempting any cross-breeding until I’m able to better analyse their individual traits, which, like so much else, is going to need Buildcraft energy. I’m working towards that.

Extra Bees by Binnie : I couldn’t resist grabbing that Water Hive though. As you’ll have guessed from its location, water bees are aquatic.

Ars Magica by Mithion : Another Ars Magica tower lurks in the swamp. I’ve got quite a collection of spells now. I shall have to see how many more of them I can scribe.

Magic Bees by MysticAges: I’m still getting used to all the new hive types that Magic Bees retroactively generated in my world a few days ago.

Ruins by AtomicStryker : It was pure chance that that well was on the edge of the village, and also happened to intersect with a cave system. I had a pretty good idea that something unpleasant was in store for me down there, but it would make for a dull episode if I avoided ALL the traps!

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