Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 41 : Mystcraft Linking Books

If it is true, as the villager claimed, that each point of light in the night sky is home to another world, I must one day visit them!

Not today though. Today, I put together the linking books that would allow me to get home again.

Mods Encountered

Mystcraft 0.10.5 by XCompWiz: I’m quite excited to finally be making a start with Mystcraft. It is the gateway through which I’ll be seeing many modded biomes for the first time.

I added the intra-linking ability to the linking panel, as it seemed the most useful to me, but there are several other options that can be applied by using other ingredients.

Mo Creatures 5.2.3 by Dr Zhark and Bloodshot42: Pablo, a wizard’s best friend, is a Mo Creatures donkey, though if you’re over in 1.6.2 you can get your very own Pablo without needing any mods at all!

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