The Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 12

Today we taste the rainbow as we go in search of dyes for making Ars Magica runes, and I set up my very own chocolate farm!

I somehow manage to lose a rabbit so thoroughly that I forgot it ever existed until I had to edit the video. I must have knocked it off on a tree when I was chasing that ocelot.

Mods I Mentioned.

It was a pretty vanilla-based episode. Even the chocolate was vanilla. Mmmm. Now I just need to find some strawberries.

Ars Magica by Mithion : I should have enough dyes now to be able to at least scribe a spell or two.

Mo Creatures by Dr Zhark and Bloodshot42 : Mo Creatures does a great job on increasing the variety of waterdwelling creatures, but a side effect of that can be that squid can become somewhat tricky to find, especially as sharks eat them.

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