Fingerbobs – A British Children’s Television Classic!

The 70’s. A time when my young mind was subjected to every sort of strange talking animal or household object that television producers could think up. I’ve shared the terrifying Animal Kwackers with you before, but not every show from back then evokes such horrifying memories.

Fingerbobs was great. At its core, it was trying to encourage children to take up simple craft projects. Sometimes it succeeded, as the joys of making things out of stones and toilet rolls had a lot less competition back then. I remember finding Yuffie quite frightening to begin with, with his mighty beard and forehead, but he quickly won me around with his kind and gentle tales. The Fingerbobs themselves were a range of papercraft animals, who would assist Yuffie in his work. Their leader: the inimitable Fingermouse!

Fingermouse, Fingermouse
The never stop to think a mouse
The always on the brink a mouse
Fingermouse, that’s me

I am the mouse called Fingermouse
The mouse with guts and verve
I get past cats so easily
With my famous body swerve

Fingermouse, Fingermouse
I’m a sort of wondermouse
A hit, a miss, a blundermouse
Fingermouse, that’s me

When I think about it now, perhaps the fearless Fingermouse was one of the inspirations behind Maltheas!

I’m not too well right now, hence the lack of gaming, or posts. This too shall pass, possibly at the drop of a hat.

Arms Race – A new Steampunk short film – The Charge of the Heavy Brigade

This small wonder has been cooked up by my friends over at It’s a Trap productions, here in Norwich. The same fine folks who brought you “Jack Steel and the Starblade“, now with a touching Crimean tale of two plucky British soldiers, a Russian pilot, and Mrs Carruthers. If you like it, please share it with your friends (there’s a handy twitter button down below!) Small film-makers need all the help and encouragement they can get!

You can find loads more information, movie posters, and stills over at the Arms Race website.

On Self-Awareness

Sometimes, when the gaming news is uninteresting, I begin writing a post telling my fellow gaming bloggers to stop writing posts that tell other bloggers what or how to write. Within it I also protest how everyone else always generalises wildly. While doing that I make sure to throw some disparaging comments at “gamers”, even though both I and the readers fall into that category. Of course, I’m talking about those “other” gamers, not us.

Fortunately, my brain always shuts down from irony overload before I ca

RIP, Corey Haim

Just heard on the BBC that Corey Haim has died, at the age of 38. While there are no details yet, it seems likely that his long-running battle with drug addiction might have played a part.

He was a major icon to any guy growing up in the 80s, and he’ll be missed. Here is what I consider to be his finest moment. The “Death by Stereo” scene from Lost Boys, a movie that I have watched an embarrassingly large number of times.:

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Sorry for the small size. I couldn’t find the right scene on YouTube.

Meet Theonilla, my Golden Compass Daemon

She’s a big cutie! I’m sure you’ve probably seen this meme already. If not, you can get your own Golden Compass Daemon from their website. It’s quite fun, and the website is extremely well done, and atmospheric.

As noted purveyor of violent movies, Chuck Norris says:

I normally don’t critique others’ movies, but this one not only warrants critiquing but condemning. The reason is it will very subtly push agnosticism, atheism, secularism and anti-Christian thoughts upon youthful minds and hearts.

“The Golden Compass” is more than enough proof to demonstrate the Christmas culture wars are alive and well. We’ve drifted so far way from the innocence of Christmas movies like Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We’ve shifted from celebrating a savior to crying out for more secularism.

I respect artistic ability and one’s right to freedom of speech, religion and creativity, but that does not mean I or millions of others have to agree with or tolerate it. It is also my American right to say, “My name is Chuck Norris, and I disapprove of this movie.” And it’s also others’ rights to not frequent a theater showing it.

I’ve not seen the movie, nor indeed read the books, but then again, neither has Chuck Norris, so I guess my opinion on the matter is as valid as his, although I am less adept at kicking people in the face.

The Golden Compass does sound rather anti-religious, and that’s OK. If it causes people to think for themselves a little bit, and ask questions of themselves, it can only do good. Christianity has survived 2000 years of being questioned. It has survived schism and occasional persecution. It has even been known to change its dogma. I suspect it can probably handle a movie with kick-ass computer-animated polar bears. The outcry of the religious right whenever a movie like this comes out just makes them look paranoid and weak, as if their faith is so fragile that it could be shattered by watching a children’s film. Mind you, these are the same folks that condemn Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and any music with a decent beat.

Why do I get the feeling Chuck Norris is standing right behind me…..

Have you seen the film, or read the books? What are they like, and should I give them a try? Oh, and if you tried the Daemon quiz, what did you get?

The Daily Show Writers on the Writer’s Strike. With a little help from John Oliver.

Did I ever mention how great John Oliver is? I’m so glad that the presenters are showing solidarity with the cause. Jon Stewart is funding the writers out of his own pocket while the strike continues.

Sort it out, Viacom. Start giving writers their rightful share from the proceeds of new media.


What follows is my favourite (and public domain) version of the full text of Beowulf. A couple of friends of mine have been bitterly bemoaning having gone to see Beowulf over the weekend. This is for them. There’s no Angelina Jolie in this one, mind you, but in most other ways it’s a whole lot better in the original translation. Sorry, Mr Gaiman :(

Translated by Gummere


LO, praise of the prowess of people-kings
of spear-armed Danes, in days long sped,
we have heard, and what honor the athelings won!
Oft Scyld the Scefing from squadroned foes,
from many a tribe, the mead-bench tore,
awing the earls. Since erst he lay
friendless, a foundling, fate repaid him:
for he waxed under welkin, in wealth he throve,
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