The Daily Show Writers on the Writer’s Strike. With a little help from John Oliver.

Did I ever mention how great John Oliver is? I’m so glad that the presenters are showing solidarity with the cause. Jon Stewart is funding the writers out of his own pocket while the strike continues.

Sort it out, Viacom. Start giving writers their rightful share from the proceeds of new media.

US Writer’s strike expands to News.

Via Atrios, this story could be quite serious.

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Nearly 300 CBS News writers who belong to the Writers Guild of America have voted to authorize a strike against the network, the union said Monday.

Some 81% of voting writers moved to approve a possible strike, the WGA said. The television and radio writers, working in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C., have been working under an expired contract since April 2005. The workers have not […]