Socialist Superman vs the Hospital Hater

“Bah, hospitals! Who needs ’em?”, said old man Stanton. Luckily, there was someone there to set him straight before he started quoting Ayn Rand again.

Socialist Superman And The Hospital Hater

Fact-checking is so 1950's.

In which I Agree (as usual) with Optimus Prime

I’ve been feeling a little low as so many of my friends are brimming with excitement over World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion that is coming out in the next few hours. I’m not particularly jealous of the game itself, but that “Night Before Christmas” feeling is something I haven’t really felt about a game or expansion release in a while. Am I getting old and jaded beyond repair, I wonder?

But then I look at Optimus Prime dressed as Father Christmas, and everything is better again.

Optimus Prime As Father Christmas UK Transformers Cover 41 550x731

This was the cover of issue 41 of the UK Transformers comic.

In which Batman and Commissioner Gordon Set a Poor Example

I’ve been having a rummage through some of my old comics for suitably Christmasy bits to clip. This one is from the issue 6 of the UK’s Batman Monthly in 1989. Clearly it’s from before Gotham enacted its workplace smoking laws.

Batman Commissioner Gordon Tobacco Christmas

Perhaps Batman could form a Superteam with Nick O’Teen!

LOTRO: Frodo and the Lifetime Subscription.

Reposted in honour of the Lord of the Rings Online Free-to-play servers going live!

Bilbo Goes RMT 550x787

Frodo discovers that LOTRO has gone F2P.

Regarding today’s (back when I originally posted this) news about Lord of the Rings Online going Free to play.


There is a new entity in charge of the UK’s Ship of Government. Enter Cleggeron the Unexpected!!! After a tumultuous struggle with arch-nemesis Gordzilla, Cleggeron has emerged as the King of Monster Island, ah, I mean Westminster.

Cleggeron Arks Ark

Cleggeron! Coming soon to a Parliament near you.

Will good Clegg head manage to stop the middle boss head from taking the evil Murdoch head’s advice? Anything could happen in the next five years!

Update: December 2010.

The answer to my final question turned out to be no. I’m not entirely certain the Clegg head was all that good after all. When Cleggeron has finished devouring the educational chances of a generation, where will it turn its hungry eyes next? This film has gone from being a creature feature to true horror.

Captain America on Torture.

If Captain America was interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

Captain America hates torture.

Captain America hates torture.

He’s also not big on detaining people indefinitely without trial.

Luckily for him, Captain America is just about the only guy in the US who can get away with saying stuff like that without being called unamerican.

Pooh’s Flu Song

Pooh's Flu Song

My thanks to Pooh and Piglet who generously gave their time to help me with this PSA. The fight against today’s disgraceful lack of handkerchief ownership goes on!

Not entirely sure what I made this for, but when Pooh starts whispering in my ear, I can do naught but follow where he leads. Maybe it’ll be useful to a parent explaining why we need to use tissues. Or maybe it’d terrify the wee mites.